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  1. If you don’t mind sharing, I’m interested thanks.
  2. Good morning everyone. I searched and searched but can't seem to find any online drawings of the rivet layout on the F104. Can someone help me out? Thanks.
  3. Wow! Your skills never cease to amazing. Thanks for sharing, even if it’s going to take a long time, Chuck.
  4. Very nice! I love the way you bring it all together. More please.
  5. Does he show how this is done in any of the videos?
  6. Very cool concept. Looking forward to more when you have time. Chuck.
  7. Can someone point me in the right direction to find a set of exterior rivet plans for the Mirage IV? Thanks in advance, C.
  8. When using decal strip, do you cut it thin and apply or have you found thin strips?
  9. I've done a search on how to solve this issue and so far no luck. Does anyone have some suggestions on the best way to add very thin yellow lines to an aircraft canopy? I'm referring to the yellow band that you often see separating the clear part of the canopy from the frame. I'm guessing masking, but I have no clue on how to mask such a thin line. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  10. Update on my order from March 10 with Hobbyworld USA. I tried one last time to get a response from them and gave them a week to respond. After more silence from Hobbyworld, I decided to raise my concerns with Paypal. Paypal reviewed my case and has given me a full refund. In hind site I should have checked into hobbyworld BEFORE placing my order, but will not be using them again.
  11. Stunning as usual from you. Thanks for sharing, C.
  12. Thanks guys for the info. If anything changes with hobby world I’ll be sure to share it here.
  13. Oh! I guess I'll try and get a refund then.
  14. Hi everyone. I placed an order for MRP paints with Hobby world USA back in early March. I received a confirmation email right away stating that some of the paints were on back order so it might take a while. Since several months have gone by, I thought I should try and get an update from them. I've tried different ways of getting a hold of anyone with hobby world all with no response. Should I be concerned, or is Hobby world USA legit? Thanks.
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