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  1. Update on my order from March 10 with Hobbyworld USA. I tried one last time to get a response from them and gave them a week to respond. After more silence from Hobbyworld, I decided to raise my concerns with Paypal. Paypal reviewed my case and has given me a full refund. In hind site I should have checked into hobbyworld BEFORE placing my order, but will not be using them again.
  2. Stunning as usual from you. Thanks for sharing, C.
  3. Thanks guys for the info. If anything changes with hobby world I’ll be sure to share it here.
  4. Oh! I guess I'll try and get a refund then.
  5. Hi everyone. I placed an order for MRP paints with Hobby world USA back in early March. I received a confirmation email right away stating that some of the paints were on back order so it might take a while. Since several months have gone by, I thought I should try and get an update from them. I've tried different ways of getting a hold of anyone with hobby world all with no response. Should I be concerned, or is Hobby world USA legit? Thanks.
  6. I’ve been stumped with figuring out a way to replicate a knurled surround and there you go and come up with the solution! Great work Wolf!
  7. Just received the same email as well.
  8. Looking forward to see how this builds out. Thanks for posting!
  9. Very nice. Love the color scheme!
  10. Interesting comparison. Looking forward to more from you, Chuck.
  11. Got it. I'll do some tests and see what I come up with. Thanks.
  12. How much gloss did you add to thew paint roughly? Thanks guys.
  13. Has anyone done this? Just wondering if it would transform a normally satin finish to more of a gloss I’m looking for. I know I can spray a clear gloss over the satin gunze to get to the same destination, but if I can add some gloss to the paint when I add the thinner to airbrush, it would save me some time for a particular technique (simulating wood grain) I’m trying to figure out. Thanks in advance, Chuck.
  14. Glad to see another build from you being posted. Looking forward to the next update, Chuck.
  15. I'm did some research comparing the thicknesses of various tin foils. Looks like aluminum leaf is .0005mm thick, standard household foil is roughly .016mm and heavy duty foil .02mm thick. I'm not so sure now I need the extra thin stuff! Let me do some experiments and see if the regular foil is going to give the look I'm after. Stand by.
  16. I'm looking for a thinnert than usual foil to use to simulate cracked leather. Regular tin foils is too thick and leaf is way to thin. Any ideas?
  17. Has anyone come across thin aluminum foil? I’m looking for something like the foil you find in a cigarette pack. I though about aluminum leaf, but that’s just too thin. Any ideas? Thanks.
  18. Looking great as always with your builds. Thanks for posting.
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