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    My wife Kate, our two boys -Brendan and Ian- and our beagle Clifford, WWII aircraft and wooden ship modeling, goldsmithing, flyfishing and fly tying, reading, and just about any kind of history.
  1. Very well done sir! I have one of these in the stash and your build is highly motivational. Brian
  2. Beautiful work! I love a good Jug... Brian
  3. Brilliant work Tolga I am getting ready to start the P-51A and this build has already been very useful since I am using the Vector cockpit (and the NorthStar Models wheel set), not sure how I will handle the exhaust stacks yet... Brian
  4. And that is the current plan. There is so much work to do on this kit that I am inclined to save time wherever possible. Vector helped with a terrific cockpit set and wheels are easy to come by, there is still a lot of room for using "creative model skills". Brian
  5. I am very interested in this topic as well...I'd love to have a solution to the exhaust stacks and a few other issues Brian
  6. You found a source for 1/32 flared exhausts? Brian
  7. Thanks for the great info...everyone has been very supportive of my quest (guess I'm committed to build photos now ). I'll check with Platypus Publications, Colin, and see if I get lucky. Hubert - my French is, I fear, nonexistent...but I do "read" pictures so I'll see if I can find your source. Thanks again all, hopefully I can get started in the next few weeks or so. Very Best Regards, BB.
  8. Thanks for the bookseller tip, I'll give them a shot. Any cockpit pix you might share would be greatly appreciated...I'll send my e-mail off-line. Thanks again, BB.
  9. Terrific build Dan! I learned quite a lot from your work (the engine and Vickers were works of art) and hope I do as well. Any advice on that wing join and jockeying the greenhouse ? Thanks for the book tips too. I'll send my e-mail off line...Best Regards, BB.
  10. Thanks for the speedy reply! I have been looking for this book everywhere: Squadron (Out of Stock), GMW, Mushroom (which carries it as sold out), Alibris, Bibliophile, and a few more obscure houses. No joy anywhere. Frankly, I did not realize that the Lizzie was such a popular subject. If anyone is looking to get rid of a copy I would be happy to talk price, I just can't seem to find a sales outlet with one. On a different note, do you know anything about the Four Plus Westland Lysander book (it popped up at GMW)? I see it all over the place (I wonder if that is an indicator?) but know nothing
  11. I am currently hunting for interior and cockpit images for an upcoming build of a Matchbox 1/32nd Lysander SD. I have culled what is available from Google (not much) and ran across the LSP walkaround during my search. However, only the thumbnails are available...nothing comes up when I try to launch them. Are these images resident somewhere they can be accessed? They look like they would fit the bill perfectly. Of course I wouldn't turn down any other available images if anyone has some they are willing to share. Thanks for reading this, I hope to nail down my research resources ASAP and get t
  12. If you can find one from someone willing to sell, Cutting Edge made a very nice P-38J/L cockpit (I have one), early conversion kits for the G, and some photo recce stuff--a nose set I think. All are very nice. Good Hunting...BB
  13. A variety of tube cutting jigs, along with jewelers saws and the finer saw blades, can be had from Rio Grande Jewelry Supply and other outfits who specialize in the jewelry trade. I am involved in gold and silver smithing in addition to scale modeling and regularly use my "jewelry" tools for both. Typically, these places also carry brass and aluminum tubing (as well as other metals) in very useful sizes. Check for suppliers in your area. Regards, BB.
  14. She looks terrific Erwin, glad to see her finished...BB
  15. Erwin, if you could contact me offline at bbrown1382@aol.com I think I can help you out. BB
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