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  1. Thanks Ben, a Google search did not turn that up. Larry
  2. I have a set of Seamless Suckers 1/32 F-4 Phantom intakes for the Revell kit, and I want to add them to my database, as well as Scalemates, but I don't know the part #. Can anybody help me with the Part Number? Larry
  3. Thanks for that info Iain. Looking forward to doing my Bronco in Royal Thai Air Force markings (One of my three modelling "themes") Larry
  4. I just ordered my set. Of course, that pretty much emptied my current month's modelling "budget", so my Hannants order will have to wait until next month. Larry
  5. Nice looking brass! Much better than soft white-metal, for such a large & heavy kit. I'll have to save up for that. Larry
  6. The "good" reviews may be because the reviewers were given the kit by Kitty Hawk or their distributor (Don't bite the hand that feeds you), whereas any reviews done where the reviewer actually put up his/her hard-earned money, will be a fair and impartial review. Just my 2¢. Seeing the comments on KH's 1/32 OV-10 Bronco & F-5E Tiger II worry me, because I have both the RF-5E Tigereye and OV-10C Bronco in my stash. The inadequate landing gear on the Bronco really worry me, since there is no chance of G-Factor ever doing replacement brass landing gear for it. Maybe I need to make a stand for it, to build it inflight? Larry
  7. I FULLY agree with Jennings, that even though "all the other mistakes are minor and can be easily corrected", there should not have been ALL THE OTHER MISTAKES in a current, expensive kit that was years in the design & tooling, with very much input from modelers around the world. Just typical sloppy work by a company that doesn't appear to care. That being said, I have one of them on order, I will decide how much I feel like correcting when I get started. Larry
  8. Based on what I have seen of most of Kitty Hawk's recent kits (Divots, slide mold screw-ups, mismatched panel lines, parts not fitting without major trimming, ejector pin marks in stupid locations), I don't plan on wasting my money on it (or any more Kitty Hawk junk). Just my 2¢. Larry
  9. Thanks for that info, Gigant. I guess I will go with my original plan on building a MiG-15bisR, which had the internally installed cameras in a fairing. Larry
  10. Beautiful model, but I have some questions. I thought the Lim-2R was a photo-recce variant of the MiG-15. If that is correct, where are the cameras and their fairing located? Larry
  11. Thanks for that excellent photo! Now I see what I have to do to make the ceiling look more realistic, without completely rebuilding the 1967 era kit. Larry
  12. Thanks Isaac for the links. I had done a search of Primeportal, but will go back and search some more for details. Glad i am not building all the equipment under the soundproof padding. Larry
  13. Thanks Jari, I had seen that pic when I searched on Primeportal. You're right about the angle of the shot. I do see that I better not fill the holes in the floor as planned, as they are the locations for attaching the seats, when installed. Larry
  14. I don't see anything there, except a signup page for imageshack. Larry
  15. I am currently working on 2 Revell 1/32 UH-1D kits (1 gunship, 1 slick), and had some questions about the "ceiling" in the rear cabin. The kit has 3 large rectangular recesses in the rear and 4 small "squarish" recesses in the front. I have been unable to find any pics during google searches showing those features. Are they accurate, and if so, what are they? What color(s) would they be? Same questions for the front recesses. TIA for any help on this matter. Both Hueys will be finished in Thai markings (If I ever manage to finish them). I put in a request to Revell for a replacement landing skid, as one of my kits has a terribly warped one. Larry
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