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  1. John, Your welcome. Glad I was able to help. Hope to see more of this build. Mike
  2. Correcting the K-4 Belly by Vincent Kermorgant This is on Hyperscale dated 2004 Try this shortcut http://www.clubhyper.com/reference/k4bellyvk_1.htm Mike Horina
  3. Ernie, Do we just look for a Texas flag? Or how would one find your table? At this late date I would think your table would not be identified in the available programs. Mike Horina
  4. Just received the Gray Matter fishtail exhausts for the Hasegawa P-40 kits. They were mastered by Derek Bradshaw and are much improved over the kits fishtailed exhausts in that they have a actual opening at the exhaust end as opposed to being closed and very thin. They are individual stacks and replace Hasegawa sprue 'U'. Bought off E-Bay and got them in 8 days UK to IL USA HTH Mike Horina
  5. To answer Dave Williams, Yes, a P-40M can be made but then you can't make the 'N' . Kit can make an 'M' or a 'N' and the equivalent Australian and New Zealand aircraft but only one complete model can be made. HTH Mike Horina.
  6. No John, the 'K' specific tailfin is not included. And a long tail 'K' could be built but that would depend on if it had the breather panel ahead of the exhausts as the solid panel is not included. Also only the round edged exhaust panel is included. HTH Mike Horina
  7. Mike (phantom) I appreciate your invite, but I have to differ. One of ours is on the IPMS board and can't make our Saturday dinner because they wanted him to attend the IPMS dinner. He being a long time club member a few of us decided we would go with him for dinner on Friday. While I am the last of the founding fathers of the club, which now meets twice a month instead of every week I for various reasons can't attend as many meetings as I once did. The reservations for both of our dinners have been made already. While I would like to know many of the LSPs better, I have to be with those, some of whom, while not in the club since its beginning, I am grateful for those who have kept the club I helped to become an IPMS club together for more than 45 years. Thank you for the invitation ,I appreciate it. Mike Horina
  8. Hello, I will be attending the convention also, arriving on Wednesday. I will be having dinner Friday and Saturday evening with my club members, Chicago Sprue Stretchers. My club members will have a club display table. Alas only 48th scale. If any of you were at the IPMS covention 2 years ago in Columbus we had a display table there of 48th scale US bombers over Europe.Hopefully some LSP folks will stop by to take a look. I'll be looking for and hoping to seeing/meeting some of you there. Mike Horina
  9. l think that they are for recognition lights on the P-40N, which did not have the light under the starboard wing fairing. Mike Horina
  10. Hi Dick, If you look closely at the folder wrapper that the mask came in you will see how the mask is cut. Take a phone photo of the wrapper, enlarge it on the phone and lay the mask nearby so you can orient the mask to the photo. HTH Mike Horina
  11. Some times I wonder !. Juggernut says he has both the D and M kits but doesn't mention that in the M kit there is a sprue K that has the parts needed to change the looks of the motor. All 'oyoy5' needs to do is look at all the information posted in this thread. Check the sprue page of the kit that Dave Williams posted a shortcut to. Carefully look at and try and understand the nice art work Juggernut posted. I'm amazed since joining here how much information is passed on these pages just to help another member. Everyone here should be proud of the information that is passed here to help in one way or another to all members. Thank you all. Mike Horina
  12. They are very difficult to use. I used 2 sets an had a very hard time with them. Could be me but they don't set well in the Revell leg sockets. A lot of trail and, for me, error. Just a heads up. Hope they work for you. Mike Horina
  13. Nice to see LSP won. Congratulations to everyone. Mike Horina
  14. Danny, Nice work, I hope you will continue. I would like to ask, have you looked at the upper wing parts? Does the wing spar image still show on the wing top surface? It was a problem on the 1st release of this kit and required some work to eliminate them. When you get that far it would be great if you could let us know if they are still there and if you tried to even the surface and if you fixed that area. Also I hope you know about the cowl, engine alignment problem, ease fix if your aware of the problem.Here is something about gluing the wings together from 2008 The fit is not the best but as a earlier poster said do not cement the top and bottom wings together at the flap location. I did this on my build and it proved to be helpful. It still was not the best but it did help Really like what you've done with the cockpit. Mike Horina
  15. Martin, Thank you for looking, however, I can't use the Hase canopy its not for a Razorback. I appreciate you looking though. Kevin is correct. Mike Horina
  16. Martin, Thank you, much appreciate you taking a look see. Mike Horina
  17. Mark, Thanks that never occurred to me. Its in stock. If all else fails will have to try it. Mike Horina
  18. Just posted a help wanted on the traders board. My Trump P-47 sliding canopy cracked while I was masking it. Piece is still connected but I was wondering what would be a way of at least keeping it together. Tried ebay but the person selling Trump sprues does not have the needed sprue. All and any suggestions welcomed. TIA Mike Horina
  19. My apologies to all who looked in. Seems I had more then enough to consume on Christmas eve. My wife had put it in my presents because she had signed for it. When I told her what I was up to, she reminded me that I got it at the party. That's what happens when a 74 year old grandpa gets to drink with 3 legal and 1 almost legal grandchildren at a Christmas party. Found it among some other presents I had recieved. Thanks to all that answered my post. Mike Horina
  20. Has anyone ordered this set and have not yet received their set? I ordered on December 12th, paid with Pay Pl and have not yet received my set. Anyone know anything about a delay or? Any help appreciated. TIA Mike Horina
  21. Are there any 32nd scale after market resin or photo etch items to put on kit bombs to mount the bombs realistically to fighter wing pylons ? Mike Horina
  22. 'The Revell G-10 is accurate in that regard' so just trade the wing tops from the Revell G-6 to a friend that has a Revell G-10 and you and your friend would have the correct wing tops for the G-10 and the Czech model. Mike Horina
  23. Patrick, This is for sale on Hyperscale today 1/32 KMC Weapons Loader . Do not know what it is but you could ask the seller. Mike
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