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  1. I didn't notice a canopy in amongst all that AM..Is there something I'm missing, or is that a vac job or similar later on? And I concur, more AM for a single kit than I've seen before. Good luck!
  2. Pretty sure I have the article. Modeller was Bob Steinbrumm and he did the job on an old Monogram P-47 kit. Send me an email if you still need info regarding it. Regards Don Watters
  3. Thanks for your reply, Charles. I'm starting to find out how difficult it is to find one, so not sure what to do atm. The scheme you posted is one I have from Tamiya in 1/48, so I've got that covered. I'm looking for a 'generic' late war 190 to show a mismatch of parts and components in the confusion of the time. I have one option - that of an A8 with what looks to me like a 76 tail and a 75 rudder. This may be the 'winner'. Thanks again for your response. Regards Don Watters
  4. Mark Many thanks for the information and advice. I'm really looking to do a late war A-9 with 81/82/83 colours in some combination, so your link to EagleCals #91 has killed that particular idea. I'd rather be accurate, so thanks for the heads up. I'd also like to congratulate you on the 'Wings of the Black Cross' series you have worked on/written. I value them highly in terms of rarity of photo and information. I look forward to adding to my collection of them.
  5. Thanks for the reply, nmayhew, and the great forum link. What a goldmine!!
  6. I'm hoping someone may be able to help me locate a photo of an SG.77 or SG.3 Fw 190 F-8. Tactical markings 'Green <<+-'. Artwork featuring this a/c can be found in Kagero's Fw 190 Vol. III. If anyone with a better database than my limited one (Dr. Metz?) has a reference listing for this I'd be much obliged. TIA.
  7. lastly... I really enjoy these themes, it helped me find good ideas when trying to design my ideal hobby room.
  8. First the compulsories... And a few pics of my small area (too tidy), and a small selection of my 1/32 stash (200 odd 1:48 stored elsewhere). What's out the window of my room...
  9. Looks great!! I quite like the 'what if' concept, as much from a design standpoint as anything. With the fuselage spine cut down, maybe the rudder needs to be taller for yaw control (ala what happened with the transition from the P51 B to D model and the loss of some of this stability). I note you have a fillet installed, albeit a low profile one, so I'd say you've already thought along those lines! You refer to the Ta 152, and say this 'what if' is the Messerschmitt equivalent. If this is the 'Ta152 H' series equivalent, maybe bigger wingspan? If so, that would require wider landing gear, which gets away from the original idea. Armament? Looks like the 'over engine' bulges and MG131 installation is unchanged (looking at the original design) from the late G and K 109s, so would the MG151s fit? Maybe wing mounted cannons inboard? Again, this would require a design shift to a wide stance landing gear setup. It's a great idea, a very clever design and I look forward to see how you finish your model.
  10. Fantastic looking G6, Ian. And I love the look of the DB 601 - it looks ready to fire up! Beautiful work.
  11. Thanks, Kevin. Looks like it's a Warbird Productions product, rather than a Paragon one, so that might be what's on it's way to me. Loks a little more extensive than what I thought a conversion would entail. I understood the earlier Mk. XII's were simply a Mk. Vc converted to take the Griffon, with later models the same thing done with a Mk. VIII. The earlier Mk. Vc conversions supposedly had a fixed tailwheel (a la Mk. V), so I think I need to do a fair bit more research before I start. Actually, that's a link to his Mk. XIV conversion. The correct link to the Mk. XII is this one!
  12. I've just ordered a Warbirds Productions Mk. XII conversion, which is available in stock. See http://loru1588.tripod.com/warbirds/id8.html for details. I thought a build of this type might be relatively unique, but here you are with a magnificent end product. Beautiful painting - any in-progress shots, by any chance? I'd love to see how you went about it. Regards Don Watters
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