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  1. Thanks for sorting that out log in for me Kevin. Sure had been a while! Kit turned out well though I still have a few niggles it - just happy to complete it in the end (my wife was just as happy when I'd finished). And the front machine guns.... the 'grass' is model railway matting - good stuff to take shots on.
  2. Very sharp indeed- love that subtle weathering around the rivets. Like the avatar too!
  3. Completing this was a challenge in itself - certainly one of Airfix's better efforts. OOB so nothing fancy added - good amount of detail though ejector pin mark overkill, moderate amounts of filler needed and a tendency to test your resolve at times. Nothing a moderately experienced kit builder couldn't handle though some rather skilled sprue cutting and parts fitting needed. Good range of options. Finished as box art - RNZAF 487 sqn 'Operation Jericho'.
  4. Tonight was starting on the decals - there's still alot of minor bits to do - but decals were covered in Klear as they'd cracked. Applied with mircosol and microset - a big difference from what the kit was now. Still all the aerials, lights and drilling to do for alot of parts. Wheels were procured from another kit - surprisingly the F-104 Starfighters wheels are the same size.
  5. Part way through the painting of white gloss. Masking was then peeled off (well most of it) and Sea Gray applied. Some overspray - but I'd decided parts would need to be retouched anyway after I'd drill and cut parts away.
  6. Well, at the moment - the kit is drying - it's been hit with gloss white paint and is still covered in mask until it dries. The difference is huge compared to what it was. Looks rather slick in gloss and also shows panel lines detail rather well. The gloss is enamel so it will take time to dry though.
  7. Thanks - also noticed that there's a part missing - the port engine panel - a bit annoying but it's all ready to be masked for paint now after much putty and sanding. So I'll be happy to see the end and the faded purple plastic. Despite how it looks now - it could be very promising after a decent coat of well applied paint.
  8. Well, I'm hanging in there (hence name) but I'm disappointed that the plastic is so brittle. I've had breakages with the wing hinges so it'll either be a wings folded or a ... hey.. there's a DC3 flying aroun doutside. Ok - shows over nice sound - dark blue fin with yellow stars on it - civvie job. Back to the kit - parts broken so wings will have to be fully folded or extended. I've been gluing top and bottom wing halves and sanding and fillings gaps in wings/fuselage. I'm afraid there's nothing exciting to post as it's all elbow work. When it's all sanded (hopefully next day or so - I can put up a pic then start looking at applying some paint... (hooray). Cheers
  9. Well, it's not fun - but I do enjoy the kit - it's the condition it's in that presents problems. Engine, cockpit and landing gear put into place for the gluing of fuselage halves. Dry fit - nearly ready to put together.
  10. Moving along on this.... the landing gear has to be the worst part - about 7 pieces all warped and bent. Each piece had to be flattened with a book or twisted back into shape before gluing each part separately. Once complete - that has to be the worst part (so far) over. Dry fit of gear onto bulkhead. Still need to do the instrument panel so that will be next before adding in pilot and putting fuselage together.
  11. Thanks Gregory - It looks as if I'm just overlooking most details - so this time (having done the Martlet) I know what will be seen and what won't. This time I'll concentrate on the exterior and wing fold area and not worry so much about internals.... which I did last time and ended up not seeing any of it when I closed it up.
  12. Engine was pulled out and looked at - quick brushing and let dry and on with a wash. Reasonable detail so I'll work with what I have to tidy it up. Minor painting of the smaller details. Wiring still to be done - only minor but it does lift the detail with a bit of colour. Brass tubing was inserted in the prop and engine hub - allows free turning and quick and easy removal. Rear blades to be filled and prop to be painted.
  13. Pit and pilot - glued Nato Black was applied to all interior surfaces then oversprayed with a Tamiya interior green. Interior green also used on the aircraft inner and where wing fold is.
  14. Ahhhhhh - I missed this one, and the other one! Oh well, 3 can't be wrong. Agreed re your comments - Trumpeter has all the gizmos but this kit - though no frills does scrub up very well (after sanding down the rivets!) Cheers Ian
  15. Are you sure we didn't get these kits from the same guy? Anyway - here's the someone started 2% then gave up shot. And here's the other Martlet option of the same kit, so this is what it can be - so I know it has potential. Tonights start is the usual looking at the cockpit - 4 pieces will assemble the cockpit tub including instrument panel and pilot stick, all very basic. A pilot will be added (thanks to Hasegawa 1/32 Spitfire kit) with minor alterations. Seeing it's so simple an assembly it's probably better shown after paint is applied - will be the usual interior green or zinc chromate colour.
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