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  1. I tend to agree that changing panels from raised to engraved may be pushing the 'intent' of the rules but I don't believe that removing the Instrument panel detail and using decals is going to far. It all comes down to the scrutineers and the Chief Judge as they are the ones that have the final say in it. Peopel interpret the same rule sdifferently and on the day the one that looks at this model will make the decision that is binding. So it either ends up in OOB/Single Media section or the enhanced, either way placing it receives all depends on how good Eric makes the model not what it is made of. A poorly made multi media kit should be easily beaten by a barely enhanced but well made kit. The vital part of the rules: The scrutineers in conjunction with the Chief Judge will consider the appropriate category and/or class for entries in doubt. The Chief Judge’s decisions are final and will be made within the friendly spirit of the competition and no correspondence will be entered into.
  2. I have a photo of your Supermarine from Melbourne Eric: And a slighltly different angle on the Hawk:
  3. Here's a link to over 300 images of the show: http://s956.photobucket.com/user/Aussiemodeller/library/Expo%202013?sort=3&page=1
  4. I forgot to mention before, the Australian cockpits were a type of green that was not interior green but more an 'apple green'.
  5. I am guessing you are only talking about American made P-51's as the Australian made ones did not all have the panel lines on the wings filled ie late production CA-18's didn't have them filled. Reference Souther Cross Mustangs by David Muir Page 65. This saved money and 6lbs per acft. Wheel wells - some wheel wells were given a single coat of aluminium in the RAAF as a corrosion preventative. (SCM page 168) Wing fuel tanks - RAAF CA-17 had the words "Fuel 70-71 Imps Gals, use 100 octane fuel only, suitable for aromatic fuel" on three lines in the same position as the US version. This changed on later versions whilst the New Zealand P-51's were different again(SCM pages 125 - 132)
  6. If you go to the link below you will see several reviews on the Red Roo props in 1/32. As mentioned above, Red Roo stuff is available direct from his website and Gary does a great deal of business overseas with no problems. http://aussiemodeller.com.au/pages/Reviewsconversions.html
  7. You can also go for RAAF aircraft in either NMF or cam: http://adecals.snspreview.com.au/index.php...35-scale-decals And for update bits to make RAAF versions: http://www.redroomodels.com/conversions.php?scale=1%2F32
  8. There is some aftermarket stuff in production for the Dragon P-51D. Red Roo here in Australia are making some: "We have not forgotten about the Dragon 1/32 P-51D Mustang that has recently been re-released in Oz featuring marking’s for Judy Pay and Dick Hourigan’s Mustang, CV-P. We are currently working on replacement propeller blades and un-cuffed blades, plus a pitot tube for this kit. These should be available in a couple of months time. As usual, we will let you know via out email newsletter." www.redroomodels.com
  9. They are actualy made my Aussie Decals but printed FOR Nova. But whichever way it goes they are good!
  10. Why would the US require a special set of decals when 99% of all decals produced for the Mustang are US aircraft?
  11. Are we in fact victims of our own modelling habits? With all of the carry-on about the panel lines and rivets I think we caused the problems ourselves! Why I hear you ask? If you have a look at pretty much every single model on the internet, magazines and shows you will notice that if there are panel lines and rivets they are highlighted. You see pre-shading, washes etc to highlight them and modellers seem to delight in doing so. So I think the result of this habit is that Dragon is pandering to them (excessively so in this case). The model has a number of other innacuracies but I reckon the panel lines and rivets are our own fault to some extent. I mentioned this on Modelling Madness but the topic seemed to have been deleted for some reason.
  12. My names David Harvey and I live in Australia in the quiet town of Wodonga in Victoria. I am coming up to 20 years in the Regular Army and i'm a co-editor for an Australian Modelling Website (www.aussiemodeller.com). I have a few 1/32 acft,with the Hasegawa FW190-D9 in progress and the trum F-105, Matchbox Seavenom, Tigermoth, MRC UH-1C, Academy Black hawk etc in the stash. I mainly do Australian related aircraft in 1/48 (the same as Tony Mollica) with the odd diversion into acft I like eg the Trump F-105.
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