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  1. Thanks for the replys. I have searched the web and have only found one photo of a seat from a sopwith aircraft with a lap belt (and that was from a replica ). Not sure what to do, should I carry on and build without strap or just guess. The pic I saw wasnt very clear so if i do straps its all going to be a guess at what they looked like. Oh well, I will keep looking. Once again, thanks for the replys. Andy
  2. Im building the Hasa 1/16 Camel and have just started putting together the seat. Dont laugh but, what type of seat straps did they have? or did they fly commando?
  3. Thanks for the comments. Vaughn, That pic was the insperation for the model. I just couldnt find a cheap large flying boat or afford 4 Airfix rockets for the power! LOL
  4. Hi. here is my first attempt at a steam punk flying machine.
  5. Hi, thanks for the pointers. will have a look into them all, Im just plucking up courage to start the kit! Is there any aftermarket stuff for it yet? Thinking about things like turnbuckles and lap straps.
  6. Just got mine . Has anybody started one and if so have they found any problems or got any tips. Im thinking of trying to do a bit of the covering on it, Has anybody tried it? Thought about using tissue and dope but not sure if it will work.
  7. Dont forget the fin intake is slightly larger on the GR 4. GR 1 blank would fall into a GR 4 intake. ( I know. it was me! )
  8. Hi Im an ex 39 sqn canberra ground crew member and looking at those moulds it looks like a real big job to do. Im sure though with all the experiance availble on this site it can be made into a stunning PR9 model
  9. Just seen this, is there any decals for the F 8H out? Got the Fisher F-8C conversion myself and it look v good but dont fancy doing the hatchet job on the wings. Plus i like the lumpy back!! lol
  10. Thanks for all the replys although I feel I have opened a can of worms LOL. work is underway on my F 4!!!!
  11. Finaly found some pics of USN f4 with only 2 sparrows in rear bays!!! they also seem to be only carry two sidewinders. Tony, read that too about tank. Thanks for all the replys can now move on with build. I may evan put up a pic this time!!
  12. Hi, thanks for the replys. Found many pics of Marine Phantoms with 2 sparrows fitted, both front and rear!! all pics of navy phantoms i have found so far show no sparrow or all 4. Like i said in my first post im sure i read that only rear sparrows where fitted a lot of the time but havent been able to find any pics of this. Think im being lazy and only want to build 2 sparrows!! lol
  13. Im building another Phantom but this time a Navy bird. I think I read somewhere that only 2 sparrows where fitted to the rear wells as a norm due to stress on nose leg at launch. Is this true and are there any pics?
  14. Hi, I have worked on Tornado GR1 and GR4s for many years on in my past life. Flaps are only left done when work was needed to be done on them or in that area. As the jet came in to the HAS/pan, flaps and slats would be checked then raised before shut down. hope this helps.
  15. simmo

    JU 88c 6

    Hi, thanks for the pics,. A while back is was reading a JU 88 book (can’t remember which one ) and it had a pic of what appeared to be a C6 with a windshield gun. I could be wrong, but it was in day fighter colours and was according to the caption a Med based machine. I just wish I had made a note of it at the time!!!! oh well, thanks for the help. will give it one more trawl through and if it dont appear it will be a bomber!!!
  16. simmo

    JU 88c 6

    Oh well, if thats the case it will be a bomber!!! just dont fancy cutting out the windshield and putting in a new bit. Bound to muck it up!!
  17. simmo

    JU 88c 6

    Thanks for the replys. The G converson looks good but its a C-6 for me, just that canopy gun thing thats giving me a problem! I will keep on looking to see if i can find the C-6 with the windscreen gun fitted.
  18. simmo

    JU 88c 6

    Hi all, I am about to start work on Revells Ju 88< but before I realy get going I was looking for some pics of the c6 dayfighter. I have seen one pic of a c6 with a cockpit window gun (thought that was only a c4 thing) but have not been able to find any other referance to it. I have got hold of L`arsenal A 4 conversion (what an ace bit of molding)but before I end up making a bomber I would like to find a dayfigher. I dont fancy doing the cockpit glass cutting to fill in the gun slot on the canopy and the C 6 with the gun fitted would help me out if only I could find further pics. Can anybody help? thanks.
  19. Thanks Barry, just what im after.
  20. Hi this is my first post. As a long term project I treated myself to Tamiyas F 4J ( Marine version), A model that I have always wanted to do. I know the issues with the intakes (trying to get hold of some seamless ones) but the one thing that did trouble me was the lack of a full bomb load. Does anybody out there know where I can get some MK84s or does anybody have any left over from there kits that I can have ( willing to pay a small fee). Thanks. Let the fun start!!!
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