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  1. Thanks once again Patrick, very useful stuff there. Still having doubts about the rad. lol. On one of the above pics I think I can see a filter of some kind behind the door. Will keep looking for info untill I need to fit the thing. Once again thanks.
  2. Hi Patrick Thanks for the pics. think you are right , I will just have to follow the instructions. The pic of the later rocket rails, do you know if they are armour piercing heads?
  3. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum but here goes. Im in the process of building my Typhoon in the makings 175 Sqn SW399. The problem I have is witch mod of radiator did it use? The decal sheet shows a red and yellow paint scheme on the front grill ( part D16 ) but should this also be used with part D 17 ( think this is a filter of some kind ) It just seems odd having part D 16 just hanging there not doing a lot. I have looked through lots of pics and seen all kinds of radiator mods on the Typhoon but not one of this aircraft, Can anybody help? Oh and while Im on a roll, Anybody seen any pics of the late style rocket rails fitted to Typhoons? I can only find them fitted to Mozies. Thanks in advance, Ill go away now! lol.
  4. Moved the wings back on my F6 hides the error very well. Think i will do the same again if I ever do another.
  5. Wish that was me building her (simmo) lol.
  6. Got hold of some Quick Shine Floor Finish from Lakeland. Works brill, A bit odd that it starts cloudy but dries clear. Thanks for the tip.
  7. Thanks for the pointers, Will start looking
  8. Hi Just thought I would dip the clear parts of my 1/24 Typhoon to find the Johnson Klear seemed to have gone off! With no more about, What are you using as a replacement?
  9. V nice, cant wait to start mine now!
  10. Same here, Im not sure if Airfix are that bothered about the dimple, which is s shame. Not sure if I will bother with another E mail just to get another one with adimple.
  11. Had my replacement come today too, Still got big dimple in it and moulded a little bit poorer.
  12. But not answering there fone or my E mails!
  13. Yep. still waiting for stuff ordered in December.
  14. I was in Belize in the 80s and a couple of crop dusters turned up with an unmarked Lear jet sprouting many strange things. The Dusters wasnt armed but had several bits of armour plate on sides and underneath and as the pilots went to there aircraft they were carring extra plates for the seats. Think they where sent by the large country near by for drug control.
  15. Brilliant, Cant wait to start mine.
  16. Hi Ewin. Rigging was easy if the instructions are followed. I thought i knew better and made some bits harder than they should have been.
  17. Thanks, I am well pleased with the results, I had big ideas origanally of doing some of it covered but that soon got kicked into touch when I found out how hard that would be. Somebody out there will be able to make a real gem out of this kit, just wish I could get some good shots of it.
  18. Well here is my first post in this section. Just finished my Camel! well nearly. What a kit, a bit toy like in places and not total accurate from what I can see but a fantistic kit all the same. Gave me a few problems, mostly of my own making by not following the build instructions but we all know better than the manufacture. Just hope that this is not going to be a one off, i need more! Sorry for poor pics and xmas decs.
  19. Thanks for the replys. I have searched the web and have only found one photo of a seat from a sopwith aircraft with a lap belt (and that was from a replica ). Not sure what to do, should I carry on and build without strap or just guess. The pic I saw wasnt very clear so if i do straps its all going to be a guess at what they looked like. Oh well, I will keep looking. Once again, thanks for the replys. Andy
  20. Im building the Hasa 1/16 Camel and have just started putting together the seat. Dont laugh but, what type of seat straps did they have? or did they fly commando?
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