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  1. 3 hours ago, Eagle Driver said:

    Were you guys inside the base or you were in close proximity at some spotting place? When I was there I saw no way to get near and saw to Tornadoes by accident and from a fair distance.

    I was out there with  231 ocu ( Canberra  training unit ) we were on the main base operating from the large main pan and single hanger. Passed through on detachments with Tonkas ( Tornado GR1 / 4 ) on our way to Ozz to fire off alarm missiles at Womerah.

  2. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum but here goes. Im in the process of building my Typhoon in the makings 175 Sqn SW399.  The problem I have is witch mod of radiator did it use?  The decal sheet shows a red and yellow paint scheme on the front grill ( part D16 ) but should this also be used with part D 17 ( think this is a filter of some kind ) It just seems odd having part D 16 just hanging there not doing a lot. I have looked through lots of pics and seen all kinds of radiator mods on the Typhoon but not one of this aircraft, Can anybody help?


    Oh and while Im on a roll, Anybody seen any pics of the late style rocket rails fitted to Typhoons? I can only find them fitted to Mozies.


    Thanks in advance, Ill go away now!  lol.

  3. Just received my 2nd replacement Q sprue after the original boxing was flawed as was the first replacement Airfix sent, though it was at least crack free. This second one is also crack free but still has the dimple/distortion. I don't know if this one comes from the replacement shipment Airfix mention in the email a couple of posts above, I had the same email myself as they only received and shipped some yesterday things from that part if the country generally don't get here overnight unless you use couriers. Not sure whether to fire off another email to Airfix.


    Same here, Im not sure if Airfix are that bothered about the dimple, which is s shame. Not sure if I will bother with another E mail just to get another one with adimple.

  4. replacement canopy arrived today, from an initial email sunday night


    new canopy is without crack


    i still think Tamiya clear parts are crisper, but it is decent enough


    very happy with Airfix service

    Had my replacement come today too, Still got big dimple in it and moulded a little bit poorer.

  5. I suspect a repackaged Combat or Tigger vacform using Tom's work (without his knowledge, probably) to promote what you can make from their release.


    I've stated to BMM that if my 1/32 Hobby Boss and Trumpeter stuff doesn't arrive very soon I will be pursuing the matter somewhat vigourously.

    Has anyone else had problems with BMM?

    If so, please post in Discussion or PM me.


    Fuming slightly in Stoke Gifford



    Yep. still waiting for stuff ordered in December.

  6. I was in Belize in the 80s and a couple of crop dusters turned up with an unmarked Lear jet sprouting many strange things. The Dusters wasnt armed but had several bits of armour plate on sides and underneath and as the pilots went to there aircraft they were carring extra plates for the seats. Think they where sent by the large country near by for drug control.

  7. Well here is my first post in this section. Just finished my Camel! well nearly. What a kit, a bit toy like in places and not total accurate from what I can see but a fantistic kit all the same. Gave me a few problems, mostly of my own making by not following the build instructions but we all know better than the manufacture. Just hope that this is not going to be a one off, i need more!














    Sorry for poor pics and xmas decs.









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