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  1. Thanks Michael! It should be able to fit 24 single engine fighters. Which means i can finally get all my Spitfires in one plac.
  2. I finally got my order from Hobby Search in Japan today. I've been looking for one of these for a while now and they got a small restock Soni grabbed it. I also finally started on my long delayed plan to modify a pair of Ikea Detolf cases into one. Needs some tweaking but it's almost done. Carl
  3. I believe Seiran1 has/had a copy of the Skyrocket kit. He might be able to provide some insight into what the kit looks like. Carl
  4. My email confirmation just came in so I'm good to go!.
  5. Thanks for the heads-up Mark! I've sent an email in and hopefully I'm not too late. Carl
  6. I was looking out our kitchen window the other day and see something fly up from the ground in an arc. It's obviously been thrown so I take a closer look. Our cat Sunny (who we adopted last Sept) is calmly picking up and tossing a live rat that he caught. Finally he puts it out of its misery. We've only been letting him out of the house for the last month but in the last week he's racked up at least 4 rats. There's an unoccupied home a few doors down that's been under renos for a while so that's where we suspect the rats are coming from. Oh and to keep him getting any birds, he gets to wear a bib. Carl
  7. Having won an HK Lancaster in the big anniversary draw here on LSP, I've picked up the latest upgrade from Iconicair for it. Graham is making a bomb aimer's blister without the antenna holes in it so I picked up a pair. I also got his Spitfire cowl correction set and Dambusters set for the HK Lanc. Carl
  8. The tail is from the Spiteful kit and is sold on request. Unfortunately I found that the fuselage profiles don't match up. This was after I had cut the tail off my Matchbox kit. I ended up gluing the Matchbox tail back on. The MLG is spaced further apart on the 22/24 compared to earlier Spitfires so that would have to be accounted for if aiming for accuracy. The gear legs are longer too. I think that even with its shortcomings, the Matchbox kit can still be turned into a nice looking model. I've also looked into mating a Matchbox wing with the PCM XIV kit to create a 21 but the wing at the fuselage joint is far too wide. Hope that helps. Carl
  9. I've been holding off on a Trumpeter one figuring the Revell kit would be cheaper too but that hasn't been the case. I got the Revell two seater for $35 CAD when it came out and anticipated the single seater being around the same. Instead, I'm finding they're coming in more than double that at $85 or more (again in CAD). The Trumpeter I can get for $62 so I still haven't decided which one to get.... Carl
  10. Maketar makes masks for Stars and Bars. I had custom NAVY masks made for an F-4J I did a few years ago. So it's definitely possible. You could try DN Models for the specific masks you need. Carl
  11. I've used the Eduard ones on a couple F-4 builds. They work but do require more care. You also have to do them in batches. Carl
  12. It's not on their preorder page but Lucky do have it listed. Do a search for it and it comes up. That's how I preordered mine from them.
  13. A friend and I were discussing this just last week. He feels it's very doable. The hardest part in his opinion would be narrowing down the rear fuselage. When I consider that he's building a 1/32 CF-105 from scratch, I don't doubt him but it's probably outside my skillset.
  14. You're going to hate me as I threw out two from my B-25s two weeks ago.
  15. Resin2Detail makes an antenna for the B-17 but I'm not sure if it's the one you're looking for. Carl
  16. Nice progress Joachim. I'm working on the same kit but will doing it as an RCAF plane. The front cockpit tub is the same one as in their single seat G kit. This probably explains the excess length of the side consoles. Carl
  17. Matt, you can buy individual modules. Look under Opera modules on their website. The ones on the far right of my setup are individual modules. There's 4 of them stacked together. They connect to one another too so they stay in place.
  18. I put together a new workbench and organizer. The bench itself is an Ikea tabletop that a client didn't want anymore. It's only 6" longer than my existing one but now that I'm sharing a bench with my sons, every bit helps. Next step was an Arttystation bench organizer. I considered the Hobby Zone one but they stopped shipping to Canada, even before COVID. Plus I liked the modularity of the paint stands that Arttystation offered. So I've been building it over the last couple of nights and just got it finished. Now to fill up all that fresh bench space with clutter. Carl
  19. I just took some pics for the other thread Ray mentioned but here they are. These are both Tamiya E fuselages but the area you need to remove is the same on the J and C/D kits. One other area on the kit that gives folks trouble is the rear afterburner section. Some will cut off the horizontal tailplanes from the pivoting centre section so they can attach the lower section first. This way they can clean up the joint sufficiently. I've done it that way as well as the way the kit is designed. Just needs a lot of test fitting beforehand. Hope that helps. Carl
  20. Here's some better pics of what needs to be removed. Depending on the intake, you may need to remove more material from the inner edge. You can see the difference between the two fuselages here. The one in front has more of a step cut into it versus the one in back.
  21. You're welcome! I did some test fits before commiting to glue and that just about eliminated the need for filler. I found that it best to make sure the intake is flush along the top so as not to get a step when you attach the wing. Here's the E that I used the DN intakes on. I did a D using Rhino intakes but the work is pretty much identical as far as the cutting and installation of the intakes.
  22. Although I used the DN intakes, they're similar to the GT Resin ones as far as what needs to be removed from the fuselage. Hope that helps.
  23. There's a small box in Step 21 where they show you to drill out the depressions. You can see it in the instructions Dave Oates the link to. Carl
  24. I took a quick inventory of my stash and work space about a month ago. It wasn't pretty. It's a real mix of subjects. For sci-fi, i've got some Star Wars, BSG, Gundam, Space Battleship Yamato, Zoids and a bunch of Macross kits. Egg planes too! Got sucked into 1/12 cars at one point so have some of those. Love the Tamiya Caterham 7. Of course there's 1/32 aircraft and 1/35 armour too. There's some 1/72 aircraft kits too but those have become fodder for my two sons' raids on the stash. Hopefully I'll take some better pics once I get it better organized this weekend. Carl
  25. Actually that's my build thread. The only reason I didn't finish it yet is I haven't figured out a good way to rig the central float to the fuselage. The engine mount to the fuselage is tricky but can be done with the kit parts. How it currently awaits: The biggest thing I found was if you test fit everything before commiting to glue, the kit goes together fine. It's fiddly in places but no worse than some other kits out there. Carl
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