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  1. I don't can anymore praise about this build, bbut here it goes. Very realistic looking Spit!!!
  2. What's not to like about a Jug or two. Nice work Tim!!
  3. Thank you Ron. Looks like I will be buying some nail files tomorrow.
  4. I am currently working on a Revell F-15D. My question is how do I remove the mold line that runs down the middle of the clear canopy. Or is there aftermarket parts that fix this problem. Thanks, Mike
  5. Amazing work on the Spitfire Martin!! Well thought out build.
  6. Nice work Barry. I agree with Kevin, your styrene work is surperb. You defintely know your subject. I'm just going to watch and learn.
  7. Thanks Barry. Is there a conversion availible or can I modify the kit parts? Mike
  8. I will be starting the Revell version of the F-4E "Mig Killer" kit in a few weeks, I am not to fond of the markings on this version. I like the Jolly Roger markings better, but what would it take to do the conversion and is there any aftermaket decals for this version. Thanks for help, Mike
  9. I can see that I will need a pair of these when they are ready. Will landing gear come with tires or will they have to be purchased seperately. Thanks, Mike
  10. This build is defintely a lesson on detail painting! Even if the plane wasn't plumbed it would be an awesome build! Excellent build Wolf!!!
  11. Neo, I really like your detail painting on the interior. I have used Bare Metal on chrome trim for cars and it can be a pain. The wings have turned out rather well.
  12. Wow Geoff!! I just read through the entire post. Great work. I just purchased this kit from one the members, and I can see that I need a set of those drawings. Where do I purchase the drawings from? Thanks, Mike.
  13. Did this Zero have the blue protective paint on the inside of fuselage and wheel wells? Sorry if I using the wrong terminology to descibe what I am asking. Thanks Mike.
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