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  1. I love the late model corsairs, wish tamiya would bring out a 5 or a 7...
  2. Also the Stuart Wilson book on The Meteor, Sabre and Mirage in Australian Service has some really good info and I think it has some drawings in it, not sure on accuracy though.
  3. I'm heading to the Australian international airshow this sunday to see the Aussie F-35's, the only reason i'm going this year really! Want to get some detail shots if I can in preparation for this model. Does anyone on here know if there are modelling paint colours (water based preferably) made specifically for these modern planes (F-22/F-35)?
  4. I see you got the sloppy window sealant on the top rear glass spot on, just wondering what your technique is for the pilots fingerprints though? Love watching & studying your builds even moreso because of the Aussie subjects...
  5. You could also try signwriters application tape, there is a paper type & a plastic type, both are very good for masking (handcut), even for camouflage demarcation otherwise the signwriters Oramask film (blue) as stated above is the best for computer cut masks... I wouild be careful of using other signwriters vinyls for masks over paint as they have a relatively high-tac & also over 24-48hrs the adhesives will actually slightly cure making it harder to remove. Avery 800 film works well for canopy masks & can be left on for a long period without issues but do not use it over paint!
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    Hi Jeremy, I haven't got the Tamiya kit yet (I have 2 on order from O/S) however, I have built a couple of CAC mustangs. 2x Dragon 1/32 kits & 1x Airfix 1/24. Decals can be sourced via ebay search novascale 1/32 p-51 & you will find them, I believe there is also another decal manufacturer currently preparing a sheet, they also do spitfire stuff although I can't remember the company name. With Aussie Mustangs you really need to check your references as there are many variations depending on place of manufacture time period Mustang model etc. The Tamiya kit currently available will produce early NAA & CAC built RAAF Mustangs only, The Rocket locating holes & studs were present on most RAAF Mustangs. From what I've read, there will probably be a P-51k variant released in the future & this will represent the bulk of CAC built mustangs with rocket stubs, Aeroproducts propeller, battery in engine bay etc. The CAC built Mustangs also had a formed (moulded) plywood seat which was unique to Aussie built planes. Also depending on the aircraft, there were also diffeneces in access panels for the engine etc. Best bet is to check any references you can find, the best sources are... Red Roo models book building the CAC Mustang bu Garry Byk, these guys also have accurate alternate resin propellers, radio gear & other mods for CAC planes (check their website). Spitfire Mustang & Kittyhawk in Australian Service by Stewart Wilson There is also the CAC Mustang bible Southern Cross Mustangs by David Muir Hope this helps!
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