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"Euthanasia": PCM Hurricane metal wing


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1 hour ago, Christa said:

Unreliable memory says some Hurricanes were fitted with an oil collector ring on the nose immediately behind the spinner. Where would that oil be coming from?

Indeed they were Chris in the light of these problems, and the oil could only be from leaky Merlins I guess. 




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44 minutes ago, sillymodeler said:

Great Diorama!


I just posted PCM's Hurricane as well!
I also have the metal wing version of the Mk.I so your work is a good reference for me. Thanks for sharing!



Thank you…..Hurricane fans one and all! 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Lovely model, Max.


As others have said, your beautiful model just looks just the part photographed under sunlight.   Lovely, lovely work, mate.




Wayne (in Melbourne)

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Thanks Wayne, very much appreciated. The weather is looking quite good today so I’m hoping to get a couple of pics of my Demon, Fury and Hurricane together to show the Hawker lineage. 

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On 2/17/2024 at 3:55 AM, Uncarina said:

Max, this is so very good! Your investment in time and effort has brought history to life. Thanks for sharing your work.


Cheers,  Tom

Thanks Tom. As you’re probably aware the history aspect of modelling is paramount to me so it’s gratifying to have this recognised. My apologies for the late post of thanks too. :D

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Excellent job on that PCM Hurricane Max!  And some very interesting history as well.  I like you outdoor and black and white photography, and I think it adds to the suspension of reality.  Well done!



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Thanks Ernest; to be honest I struggle with indoor lighting so outside always suits me especially if the light is just right. It was a bit too bright when I took these but there were so many days in the summer of 1940 that had limitless blue skies so it was quite appropriate. 

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