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  1. @MARU5137Thank you. I did not post my WIP to largescaleplanes.com. But you can see my WIP in instagram. I'm grateful if you like it. https://www.instagram.com/sillymodeler/
  2. Thank you for all the kind comments! I added some additional photos of the build process. One idea I tried for painting the propeller is using a jig of stacked 0.5mm aluminum plates with a gap between them. It worked well to draw color boundaries.
  3. Hi everyone. I built Mitsubishi J2M2 Raiden prototype (Hasegawa 1/32) The color scheme is a bit unusual, but Japanese prototypes and training aircraft were painted this color. Although I do not often build WW2 aircraft, I built this kit because I am living near the former airfield where this plane was tested for development. Raiden (雷電) means thunderbolt, coincidentally, American and Japanese thunderbolts both look fat, and I like these looking. I look forward to building American thunderbolt as well in the future. I built this out of the box, just putting a lot of riveting on the fuselage. The fitting of parts is generally very good, and it’s easy to build. I hope you guys enjoy it.
  4. Hi everyone I completed this model about a month ago. Junkers J.I Wingnut Wings 1/32 This is one of the first groups of kits released by WNW, and it is already a great kit. Basically, I built this out of the box but just added a few details on the frame of the engine cowling and spark cables. As this was the first mass-produced metal aircraft, silver color was sprayed for the wings as a base color of chipping, and oxide red was used for the armored engine cowling as well. In addition, although it is not very visible, I attached aluminum film to the upper left wing and opened holes to reproduce bullet holes. This is a very big kit, so it was a bit difficult to take pictures, but I hope everyone enjoys it.
  5. Thank you all for all the endorsing comments. I am energized for my next project.
  6. Awesome diorama!! Your wooden prop looks really great!!
  7. Excellent work! I have the same kit and this must be a great reference for my build!
  8. Hi Everyone I completed building WNW Airco DH.2 Lanoe Hawker. This is the counterpart to my previous work, Albatros D.II Manfred von Richthofen. Hope you all enjoy it! Lanoe Hawker is the first British fighter ace in WW1 and the commander of the first fighter squadron as well. He was awarded the Victoria Cross On 16 November 1916, He engaged in an intense dog fight with Albatros D.II piloted by Manfred von Richthofen and crashed to the ground. BTW the model base is not made by myself but I bought AMMO’s scenic mat FYI: This great youtube video reproduced Richthofen' fighting carrier including duel with Lanoe Hawker by using a flight simulator "Rise of Flight".
  9. Hi @bobster. Thank you for your comment! I attached a torn paper template on the wing with small spaces between them and airbrushed over it. Then I slightly mixed colors on the boundaries with a brush. I have read that they mixed the colors of the boundaries back then, so I tried to imitate it. By the way, I am now working on a counterpart to this plane, Lanoe Hawker's Airco DH.2 (WNW). I will share it here when it is completed. I hope you will enjoy it too.
  10. @europapete Thank you very much for letting me know this. I fixed the image addresses. I hope everyone can see it now.
  11. Hello everyone I reproduced the picture of Richthofen with his comrades and the Albatros D.II, which is one of my favorite pictures of Richthofen. I found the Model Cellar created a wonderful figure from the picture so I decided to build Albatros D.II (Encore models) as well. According to the notes by his brother Lothar von Richthofen, it seems that the aircraft was painted brown during the period of this photo (November 1916), so I used oil paints to paint over the brown color. Actually, this is my first post here. I hope you guys enjoy it.
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