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Revell F-4E Terminator Nato 70th


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Good day all!


My first build thread hereon LSP. Bare with me as I'm not a particularly fast builder. 

Thanks to the help in my previous thread, I decided to use my Revell F-4G kit as the base for a turkish F-4E terminator. I fell for the beautiful tail artwork of the 70th anniversary NATO scheme. on advice of the member here, I ordered the legend cockpit set, babi models terminator 3d decals, phantom phreak decals, eduard brassin seats, which I have decided to use instad of the legend seats, and a gt resin correction nose.


While I was waiting on my parts to arrive, I started assembling the rear fuselage sections and cleaning them up. The parts started arriving last week, so I've been slowly getting everything to start fitting before paint. I am having a bit of trouble getting the GT resin nose to sit well. It seems to be slightly bgger than the kit part. I have some basic cuts done, and an ok fit I can work with for now. 


Here are a few progress pics so far. The last few evenings have been spent cleaning and re-scribing the spine as well. It's coming but still a wats to go. 


Any advice on building this kit, I'm all ears. 





Disregard the belly strap. I found out after I ordered it these airframes do not require it













the eduard seat is just so nice compared to the legend one, it needs to be built for this


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