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1/32 Hasegawa Fw 190D-9 - Dortenmann's Black 1

Hoss FL

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On 9/11/2022 at 4:23 AM, Hoss FL said:

Finished most of the weathering and started final assembly today.  


Here's the finished Henri Daehne prop. What an upgrade from the kit parts. I used the same magnet technique that Thunnus pioneered and it works great.



The prop blades were first primed, then painted RLM 70, gloss coat, decals, gloss over decals, flat coat, buffed and micromeshed, spatter templates with six or so different Tamiya acrylic tans and grays, streaking with same colors, colored pencil chips and scratches in various wood colors. 




Here's the canopy set into place along with the fuselage sides weathered to match the photos as closely as possible. I also picked out the windscreen washing tube system, which is clearly shown in the photos of Black 1. 




The exhaust stubs were installed and staining applied. Staining was applied with Tamiya brown/black mix in varying ratios to slowly build up the pattern. I originally was planning to depict the machine completely clean coming out of the refit and repainting, but decided it would look a little better if it looked as if it had been on a few sorties after the refit. Artist's choice. 




The intent here was to depict the RLM 76, 83 and the cross as worn (per the photos) and the RLM 82 and number 1 as freshly applied. The black and white RV band and wave were also relatively unweathered. The DF loop antenna is made from Dr. Pepper can and the other small antenna is a brass rod. 




As the RLM 83 was original or perhaps lightly touched up, I depicted a modest amount of scratches and weathering to the starboard wing root area. The scratches were various colors of Prismacolor pencil and the weathering was applied with Tamiya acrylics. The RLM 82 area is intended to look relatively fresh. 




Here's another view of the cockpit area also showing the wing root area with the fresh-looking RLM 82. 




Here's the Eagle editions tail wheel. Brass rod reinforces the join between the fork and the main shaft. A brass rod is also used as an axle through the wheel and fork connection points. I was toying with the idea of whitewalls on the tire, but my main reference photo of 210051 shows no stripe, so I decided to keep to the script. 



The landing gear was attached using CA glue and the connection is pretty solid. I applied standard stencil decals, added the junction box, wiring and actuator spring, along with the tail wheel retraction wire and brake lines. I also drilled out the scissor holes. 




The cannons are Master metal barrels and they are mounted the requisite 12.5mm from the wing leading edge. The gun camera port will get a Krystal Klear window tomorrow. The antenna shown was modified by replacing the kit plastic tape with a section of wire.  



Here's a wider angle view showing the drop tank set up, landing gear bays and landing gear arrangement. I elected to depict the drop tank as shown in a number of late war photos without stencils, but with a modest amount of weathering. 




By the way, the wheels are the Barracuda upgrades, which look great IMO. The hubs were painted gloss black, tires Tire Black and weathering included a pastel wash and Tamiya acrylics as well as dry brushing and colored pencils on the hubs. 





Here's a view showing the installed Eduard flaps, which really look nice. This view also highlights the exhaust stain pattern as well as the rivet pattern on the side of the fuselage. 



That's all for now. We're almost at the finish line. Thanks for looking. Comments and critique always welcome. 

Wow Jim!   That is amazing!!


Terrific job all around,, clean and so much detailed! , 

the numbers and markings are painted on?


Very very well done! and that propeller.. really guys ..what you have done with that HD prop is remarkable..

too bad i can't  have one of these too..



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On 9/14/2022 at 1:09 PM, Thunnus said:

Wow... I was gone for a little while and you've already wrapped up Black 1!  This is a fantastic result and your close-up photography really highlights the superior technique that you apply to your models. 

Thanks John! Much appreciated and thanks again for your wonderful step by step build logs. I really learned a lot from your 190 experiences. 

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