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Border Model 1/35 Ju87 G2 Stuka

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So, here goes, i finally got this one done.. it is covered in a 15 part, yes 15 part video build on my YT channel.


I feel this is the best kit I have ever built, the plastic is a dream to work with, the fit is simply incredible, decals are gorgeous and the clear parts are some of the best I've ever seen. The only downside is a couple of small errors in the instructions and not too good colour guides, but I think these have been done by Ammo?? I made a separate video covering these errors.









Thanks for looking..



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She looks gorgeous, Nige!  


I was wondering if you were the same person as the Youtube channel I have watched many times! 


I will check out your COMPLETE build series on this kit and then try one myself.


I would have expected this kit to get a GOOD review but I didn't expect you to say it's the best kit you've ever made! 


Now you have my interest piqued! 





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