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  1. It does have the final instructions and decals yes. Only "unfinished" parts are the clear sprues, which arent too bad. i know they'll perfect them, the Stuka clear parts are awesome.
  2. Hi all, No doubt some of you will have seen my review and build of the beautiful Border model 1/35 Stuka here and on You Tube. Well, they have now kindly sent me a 1/32 Lancaster kit which I am tracking the delivery of hour by hour. It is due to arrive by this Friday, March 18th '22. As soon as it arrives I shall make a quick "It's here" video and then a full unboxing looking at sprues, instructions and decals et al. I will then get stuck into the build straight away.. I have wanted this kit for over 4 years since seeing it at Model world in 2018.. can't believe after all the ups and downs it's finally landing on my doorstep.. strange really, as my doorstep is built on an ex RAF site in Gloucester UK.
  3. As I said in the other thread, as a plastic model kit, it is THE BEST I ever built. I don't know about accuracy, and it isn't crammed with detail that you'll never see, but the plastic is a dream to work with and the fit is absolutely incredible. Nige
  4. For those interested in seeing the Stuka built up, I just posted pics of mine in the ready for inspection area. As a plastic model, this is THE Best kit I have ever built!! Nige
  5. So, here goes, i finally got this one done.. it is covered in a 15 part, yes 15 part video build on my YT channel. I feel this is the best kit I have ever built, the plastic is a dream to work with, the fit is simply incredible, decals are gorgeous and the clear parts are some of the best I've ever seen. The only downside is a couple of small errors in the instructions and not too good colour guides, but I think these have been done by Ammo?? I made a separate video covering these errors. Thanks for looking.. Nige
  6. Now you're talking... I hadn't considered a 1/24 Lysander... Imagine the cockpit with all those lovely tubes.. as long as Airfix do a better job with the seams than they did with Tiffy. Nige
  7. Sure will.. because when that day comes I'm praying he'll be asking for my delivery address again... everything including fingers crossed. Nige
  8. Sorry Andy. The Stuka is pretty much done. I was saying I have a pre production kit that has been reviewed on You Tube. The Lancaster has hit some small technical issues, probably sink marks or fogged clear parts, something along those lines? Nige
  9. Hi all, I am in regular contact with Border Model about this kit,(and have actually just received a pre production copy of the Stuka). They are having a few technical issues at the moment which has slightly delayed the kits launch. As far as I can tell, they want it to be perfect?
  10. If anyone is interested I have the kit and have done a review of it on You Tube. I have also made a screenshot video of the manual.
  11. No worries Chuck, You're doing a sterling job with that engine.. they look amazing when done up with wires and cables. Nige
  12. Twas a shame to have missed you Peter, but I had to get back for the dog.. On the subject of new toys, you know where to send them if you want video reviews I have a Border Models Lancaster on the way, I shall check to see if your HKM panel fits that kit Nige
  13. "Might be useful"?? That's bloody awesome thank you. This is THE first pic I've seen that shows this area. I also not this has no "tail wheel". Nige
  14. Thanks. The guy who painted mine in real life started the job at 16:30 on a cold Friday afternoon. He heard his buddy's were going to th bar, so thought.. "oh well, its not as far back as usual, but I need a beer". AND, I wanted to show off as much NMF as possible lol.
  15. OH Boll ocks!! I have worked so hard to sort those horrible seams I'll not be popping anything off.. where there's a will, there's a way!!
  16. Thanks for all your help guys.. so difficult to try and make it look "not straight" as would be the case with a guy painting on his knees with a bad back.
  17. Looks bloody lovely to me mate!! I am using Tamiya mixes for the RLM colours. I have a lifecolor set but it has no 83 and i hear it's a swine to paint? I looked at getting the AK real Colors, but when it mentions versions 1,2 and 3 I thought.. "sod this, lifes too short"?? Nige
  18. Thanks so much for your reply Juggernut. I actually found a thread here discussing this and Martin fb had a pic of the wing section showing metal flaps. I am staying with metal as mine are already NMF and are staying that way. My tail is also gonna have to stay metal as it has just had a nice coat of RLM76. I think I'm getting lazy in my old age?? edit: Why does your model have a yellow stripe running back through the red? I tried all the links in imgur, then was told that if I remove the "img" from each end of the link it works?? Maybe I'll try again later with a pic of my casually sprayed leading edges. Nige
  19. Hi Peter, It's a tough one eh.. you can do like Eduard do and make the custom part fit the kit, like for instance the 1/32 HK IP with its round top, or make a "correction" set whereby the modeller will need to do some work to make it fit. I agree with RLWP above, also make a new coaming so you can shift the panel up into its correct position? BTW, I came to speak to you about 5 times at Telford, each time you were deep in conversation with someone else. Nige
  20. What on earth happened to this old girl.. She looks a right ol mess!!
  21. That's where my mind was taking me Martin. If they painted them in the field there would be a soft edge. Thank you. I shall remove the tape and add a white tac sausage or two. I have left the flaps bare metal and the ailerons will be blue so I'm sorted. Nige
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