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Liquitex Flow-Aid and Slow-Dri: Two Handy Reagents for Taming Acrylic Primers and Paints


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Hey Guys,


Liquitex Flow-Aid and Slow-Dri are two reagents I've used with every acrylic paint I've shot in the last 20 years.  Issues common to spraying acrylic paints like like tip-dry, clogging, intermittent spraying, and dry, over-spray are all drastically reduced by the addition of Slow and Flow to your favorite acrylic thinner or acrylic paint mix. After a protracted search I've found a reliable supplier of Liquitex products that allows me to put them on MPS at a reasonable price. 


Here's a line to an article describing how to use Liquitex Slow and Flow when diluting/spraying acrylic primers, paints, or clear coats:






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It’s important to add that the Slow-Dri being mentioned is the Additive, not the Medium, both of which exist in the Liquitex lineup. Additionally, Flow-Aid is a concentrate. It’s meant to be diluted 1:20 with water or thinner right out of the bottle. So, it’s not 5% to an airbrush cup, it’s 5% to a thinner mix which you’ll then thin your paint with as normal. 

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