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Mirage III E


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Thanks guys! :)


Work continued with the installation of the landing gear and the addition of the two remaining air scoops near the big wild boar.:



An additional decal (provided) will be placed over the lower one to blend it in with the blue artwork.


The pylons for the 1700 Ltr. tanks of the new Revell/Italeri kit had to be adapted to the shape of this old model's wings by inserting  some plastic strips, cut to shape. Also, the mounting tabs had to be lengthened:



I forgot to take a picture before spraying, so the modifications are hard to see on this picture. ;)


Here they are installed on the wing:



The lower air scoop also got its decal. However, some touching up was needed.

The black edge was added with a sharpie after the picture was taken.


The Master turned metal pitot tube was glued to the nose and blended in.

A bit of touching up with the airbrush was needed:



Then the final bits were added and the black area was give a coat of satin varnish with the airbrush.

And that means... that the Mirage is finshed in time !!! :yahoo:


Pictures in the next post. :)


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Hi guys,


Here are the pictures of the finished old Revell Mirage IIIE with the commemorative markings included in the new Revell/Italeri Mirage IIIE:












It was a pleasure joining this group build and building this old Revell kit.


Until the next time,





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I was worried for you when you said the paint was lifted off, But the final result looks AMAZING. 

your recovery  from that was Excellent!

:goodjob:  :clap2:

Looking very RESPLENDENT  indeed and the color scheme is STUNNING. :wub:

she's  a Gold winner.



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