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Albatros C.III 1:32 - Preorders started


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From today we accept preorders - shipping time to 60 days.
Albatros C.III 1:32 scale kit
Albatros C.III PREMIUM SET 1:32 scale kit
Albatros C.III in Polish service
Premium set: 3 x A4 sheets woodgrain and canvas decals, and masks (1mm rib strips, main German crosses) all made by LukGraph (few decals added to the online store as separately product).
Description of the kitset
Resin Casting Parts:
fuselage, wings (wire reinforced), horizontal and vertical fins, larger interior elements.
All struts and axes reinforced by wire. 3 fuel tanks, wheels x 2.
3D prints:
Mercedes D.III 160 hp Engine x 1 – separately boxed with 2 exhaust pipes, propeller, small interior and exterior parts, rear struts, 1:32 scale kit, upper wing support, gunner turret, guns
Additionally, over 30 photo-etched parts - including barrels for 2 guns.
The German Albatros model has 3 painting schemes available
- Albatros C.III 766/16, Kasta 10, Russia 1916, Lt. Erwin Böhme - one of the most recognizable plane from the First World War.
- Albatros C.III 4078/16 tactical „3" of Kasta 20
- Albatros C.III 106/16, 1916
Above screen printed decals.
Based on the decal, you can make a few other paints (e.g. on the Albatros C.III Windsock cover).
Separately boxed Albatros C.III in polish service
- Albatros C.III 103/17 (light grey-blue overall) – digital printed decals.
Even less experienced modelers should be able to assemble the model.
We try to improve our workshop with each release. We try to do everything we can to ensure that this short series of resin models is at the highest level. We will continue the series of models from the First World War.
LukGraph Team
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