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Important Announcement - Update!

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We are instituting an immediate temporary pause on receiving new orders for S.O.W. products. This pause is necessary to give us a chance to catch up on back-orders and introduce more new products - landing gear sets and others. Expect this pause to last 30 days or less. A notice will be posted when we are able to resume production. We apologize for this delay, however, we're a one man band and there are only so many hours in the day.


Thank you all for your patronage and support.



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Members and Lurkers,


During this pause in production we're in the process of getting an S.O.W. website up and running.  We hope using it will be more convenient for you, the customer, to browse the catalog, see what's in stock and make checking out fast and easy. When we're up and running you will be the first to know.


Thanks again for your patronage and your patience.


LSP is the BEST!




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