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VOSTOK 1 / Vostok-3KA #3 Гагарин Юрий Алексеевич 1:25 VEB PLasticart-Master Modell spaceship


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VOSTOK 1 / Vostok-3KA #3 Гагарин Юрий Алексеевич 1:25 VEB PLasticart-Master Modell spaceship

Within a month , april 12th ,  it will be a full 60 years since the first manned space flight, so i decide to commemorate this effort with my quick build.

Old , good ($@&%@)Veb Plasticart, 1990s in Master Modell boxing, started few months ago, was on hold, but finished in less than week.

This is my  third VEB Plasticart VOSTOK build. The first was in the late seventies, the second in 1985, the third in the year of COVID 19.


The model is basic, with many problems , during the research for story,  details  and color scheme on obscure Russian sites and forums, I learned that both Revell 1/24 and VEB Plasticart 1/25 were made according to the display model of VOSTOK 1 from the  Paris, 1966. show .


That full scale Vostok  model was exhibited with a third stage segment in white, with a spherical capsule polished to a high gloss aluminium  and with all its equipment of military and technological significance removed.


In reality, the third stage of the carrier rocket was gray, and the spherical capsule of Vostok 3K # 3 was covered  with hexagonal segments of asbestos plates 3-18 cm thick, covered with a thin aluminum sheet. Many other small details were added, service openings on the third stage were printed decals, hexagonal segments were vinyl foil cut on cutter,  plastic antennas were replaced by steel wire ones , everything is shown in the following pictures.


Original VEB Plasticart box,



and Master Modell box,




Kit parts and instructions,








And work started...

















And finished model, gallery here:




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13 minutes ago, XOPCT said:

Мамаджан,where does such an artifact come from,HE IS ABOUT FORTY YEARS OLD.

Well, my sample was bought from a friend, year ago, for a 30 bucks.
And this kit is still in production, priced less than 20 EUR, by REIFRA, Germany


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