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Many new Quinta sets announced for this Spring, most are 1/32...Phantom lovers rejoice!


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9 hours ago, Dukie99 said:


I don't know about Quinta doing a E but Red Fox Studio has two sets for an E (one with MFD on and one with MFD off), but I don't know how this company compares to Quinta as I have not yet purchased from them but the quality looks comparable. They also do several sets for Phantoms.


Thanks, SH MFD off as well as Mig-19 purchased. Left a note for 1/32 A-10C (the rest is easy enuf to make), and OV-10 Bronco.

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21 hours ago, AlanG said:

Apart from a Tornado GR1 / 4 and Su-27, i'm afraid jets aren't my thing. Just waiting for them (if they do) to do some Fw190 sets

Just ordered my selection so cannot say how good yet, but Red Fox has several German, plus 1/32 Fw-190 set;




Just saw there's decals listed too...will get them next order if quality stuff.

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