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Trumpeter F-117 Nighthawk

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After seeing several online builds of the Nighthawk, I knew that I had to dig mine out of the stash and get started. I was plasently surprised upon opening the box, I'd already purchased some aftermarket gear that I'd forgotten about.

In the box was an Aires cockpit, an Eduard photo etched set for the bomb bay, and exterior set, 2 sheets from a Tamiya F-15 e kit, for the laser guided bombs, and Caracal models decals.

I'm pretty sure that I purchased most of this at a Melbourne Model Expo several years ago, so I've just ordered a set of resin wheels, the Eduard set for the cockpit, for used on the canopy only, and a new canopy with the reflective coating.


Getting started, I wanted to get the cockpit fitted, which included some modification to the top fuselage half, nothing too hard, but just requiring constant dry fitting to ensure that I didn't take too much out. Also the IP combing needed to be removed, and some strine strip was used some the Aires IP would fit, and so would the kit piece for the FLIR bay.






After that, I wanted to dive into getting the cockpit done. This Aires set is a perfect fit, with amazing detail, and the owner of the local hobby shop and just put me onto Vallejo acrylic paints. 







Now I'm just waiting for some warmer weather to airbrush the IP, and get the cockpit put together and installed.


Thanks for looking.

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The 117 was such a cool airplane at the time. A "Data Masked" special project airplane flown in the dark but when it was revealed it earned it's keep in the skies over Iraq during Desert Storm. Love Australia...been to Townsville, Perth, Meekathera (spelling) , all over the Outback and flown by Ayers Rock. Was stationed at Kadena AB, Okinawa and we'd bring the MC-130 down and fly and work with the Australian SAS. Had our oxygen serviced at RAAF base in Richmond and they "zapped" our airplane with a orange Roo! Was cool!

Dang....now I want a Castlemain XXXX or a Strongbow Apple Ale....



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