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Any interest in F4U-5N decals? AVAILABLE last info


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ok now, this is the final conclusion:

no chance for the decal printer to resolve the issue (Pavel from Profimodeller)

but i will do the following: everyone who still wants the decals gets two sheets, so they can use the red ones over each other to get them brilliant enough, or for the Bordellon plane use the white decals and spray a hue of light blue over them. but i will also include a set of masks for both planes if the above doesn’t work for you, so you can paint the markings on. The Buer.nos of the sheet, as well as the personal-, mission- and killmarks are usable, you might have to use two red decals over each other. two part decals will be included for the squadron badge and a small white bar to go under the “Guy Bordellon” letters.

this will be 20$ plus 6$ shipping (US), Europe might be a little cheaper.

I will try to regain at least some of the costs I had with this. since it is not what I promised I understand if those who made a commitment to buy back out.

please do not PM me, its hard to keep track. I will PM all of the guys that wanted the sheet. if someone who is not on the original list also wants these, please contact me



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  • LSP_Ray changed the title to Any interest in F4U-5N decals? AVAILABLE
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i hope all of the people i sent the decals and masks have now gotten theirs. just shoot me a short PM with "got it". if not, just let me know too, i wll send out another set for free. You can get spares for only shipping too. lets see some build pics, pretty please....


11 of the 18 members have stood by their word to purchase the decals. one member backed down and i can understand that, no hard feelings.

6 members didnt even answer my PM



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