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Just tractor? ~25 mm

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Before any photos I have to make an introduction as some on  anti - communist jokes (very popular in eastern Europe) are hardly understandable for rest of the world.
In '70 and '80 Radio Yerevan was a fictional news station , which delivered unreliable "hot" news. They were simply making fun of communist propaganda. There were tons of black humour and sarcasm. One of my favourite jokes is:

Radio Yerevan informs: a group of chinese communists attacked soviet tractor, which was working on a field. Tractor defended itself by firing from few rocket cannons and flew-away toward Moscow.
Ministry of Agriculture warns chinese commrades: if this incident will occur again , we will send harvesters on fields.

This joke became title for my small vignette. Resin mech is from "Raging Heroes" company. Base is styrofoam covered with soil. Plow is scratchbuild as well as soviet border marker. Whole scene is weathered with AMMO and AK fluids. I used paints from Mr-Hobby,Tamiya and Vallejo range. As a "base for a base" I used photo-frame with scanned "Tribune of the people" newspaper (main pro-communist newspaper in Poland before 1989). I inserted fake news (in this case tractor-joke) with Microsoft Paint as a description/title.

Hope you'll like it :)

38007460675_8de253aa3e_b.jpgDSCN3773 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr
38178692644_d215e71779_b.jpgDSCN3775 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr
38893994661_4d1b332007_b.jpgDSCN3779 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr
24029249317_a1b551a7b8_b.jpgDSCN3780 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr
24029247527_bf1522bf0e_b.jpgDSCN3783 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr
24029246237_75b42dc1f5_b.jpgDSCN3786 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr
27117655109_9174a73841_b.jpgDSCN3787 by Arti Kapi, on Flickr


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That's cool!


Here is my only cold war joke:

An American and a Soviet citizen die and find themselves standing before Satan.

Satan says:  "I'll give each of you a choice.  You can go to American hell or Soviet hell.  Which will you choose?"

The American thinks for a few seconds and asks:  "Well, I like to make informed choices.  What is the difference?"

Satan replies:  "In American hell you must eat 1 shovel of **** (poop) per day.  In Soviet hell you must eat two shovels of **** per day."

The American asks:  "And then what?"

Satan says:  "And then you are free to do whatever you desire."

The American says:  "OK...American hell for me."

The Soviet citizen says:  "I go to Soviet hell."

Many months later, the American and the Soviet meet on the street.

The Soviet citizen asks:  "How are you?"

The American replies:  "Not too bad.  I choke down my shovel full of human excrement in the morning and then I just do whatever for the rest of the day.  How bout you?  I can't imagine how you handle all of that ****."

The Soviet citizen says:  "In Soviet hell not so bad.  Some days no ****.  Other days no shovel."



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