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Revell 56 Ford F-100"Demon II"-Completed! 04/15

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I was invited to a 3 month "Anything from the 50's" build off at another site so I put all builds on hold to concentrate on that project. I've got a couple of ideas bouncin' around in my head about another modernized "Street Demons" build but this one will be centered around the Foose platform. I'll see what I can come up with to tweak things / shake things up a bit with this one.



In order to stay within the 3 month guideline for the online contest at another site I'm going to have to go mostly OOB with this one with the exception of a couple of changes. I'll be going with the OOB engine but may stray from the OOB color scheme on it. Secondly, I cannot stand the wheel / tire set up in the box so I've already made the necessary mods to accept the wheel tire arrangement while still using the OOB suspension with a tweak or two.

After playing around with the stance and finding some lower profile front skinny tires for it I've got the look narrowed down.


I'm thinking a deep black paint job with some silver tinted ghost flames. Yeah........we'll be calling this one.............Demon II



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Oh cool !! I'm a big Foose fan. I will be following along....Harv


I started by tackling pretty much the only modification that I'll be undertaking with this project which'll be mini tubbing out back for the larger meats that I'll be throwing under the back and narrowing the rear end. I robbed the tubs from the AMT 65 Nova kit which is now my "go-to" for all Pro Street projects it seems.


I made the necessary cuts in the bed floor and the bed sidewalls:




and then made the necessary cuts to the Nova chassis and cut the width of the tubs down to size as well as trim/ clean all the edges of the tubs up.




Here we are test fitted and ready to go. This is about a weeks worth of work normally that I've now got out of the way.





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Good job !.........Harv :popcorn:

Thanks Harv. 


Rear end is narrowed and set further upwards into the chassis in the name of lowering it even more. Had to make a number of mods to get the tire to fit in the fenderwell but I got it done. Here's the way it's going to sit in there:






I've got an order in now for a Texas license plate that reads "DEMON II" and a decal for the rear window and front bumper that'll be clear except for the graphics and will look like so. Sorry Dodge fans.....it was just too dang appropriate!default_wink.png



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Thanks Gary!! 


Rear suspension completed. I had to shorten the shocks a lot to match up with the differential reposition up into the chassis as well as relocate the links on the inside of the frame instead of the outside.


This kit is the perfect platform for a Pro Street kind of look. Just look at all the beef from the rear of the truck.


A frontal oncoming view:


and the going away view: I'm VERY happy with the outcome so far.





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YES !......Harv :popcorn:

Thanks Harv. I should have another update on this one tomorrow as well. Moving fairly quick through this build. ................................at least....................so far.

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YES !......Harv :popcorn:

Well......................maybe it wasn't supposed to be posted "tomorrow".  :whistle:  Looks like we're back in action on this one again. 


I've started on the engine build up for this truck and have to say that it's a fairly complete engine with lotsa detail. The only thing I didn't like about it was that stooopid hole in the oil pan for the metal axle to go through.  shocked.gif Such a good kit so far too!!! I can't imagine why Revell thought that this was a good idea. Oh well, I filled the holes in and moved on.......................



Beginning stages of the engine build:




I have to say that this is one of the best engines I've ever put together in terms of overall look and fit. Revell really did a fine job on this one!!!! I did have a photo of the engine with the belts on and all but it looked like a 5 year old painted the belts so off that part came and went in the brake fluid for a total re-do on the pulleys and belts. Here we are so far minus the drive belt/ accessory pulley system in place:










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Glad to see you back on this one!  Valve covers look great!

Thanks Gaz! 



I'm not a big fan of Foose,... not at all. Can the kit be built stock, and what year is it? I'm guessing '53 or so?

To be honest, I'm not a fan of his "upgrades" either but I do like what he did with the the body panels. Made it alot more sleek and sinister looking without chopping the heck out of it which is why I envisioned SD II from the start. I will add that there is absolutely no way to build this one in stock form. It just can't happen due to the distorted body panels. BTW it's a '56. 


 The old Revell kit is the one that can be built stock but it's a crappy kit. REALLY bad and that's being nice. 

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