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Extra 330 SC EVAA

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Hi Everybody ,


   I try to do my best this New Year , i need to finish a RF-4EJ , a F-15DJ , a F/A-18F and maybe a Su-34....gluuupssss


   I finish the first of this series...a Extra 330Sc from the EVAA (French Acrobatic Team from the French air force) , i love this little plane , at the beginning , i would scratch build the plane , and Icareodesign come with a resin kit from this plane ! Great for me !!!


  A Extra 330 SC , is that :






 And the Icareodesign kit , is that :




For a Walkaround of this kit , follow this link to the website of Icaerodesign : http://lcaerodesign.com/ocart/index.php?route=product/product&path=60&product_id=54


I begin with the front panel , the kit is the same for all the version from Icaerodesign , and some parts are not right for the French version , i add new instrument above and especially , i enlarge the panel downward..




The front panel done...




A tubular frame is supplied made with a 3d printer , but but...the quality is poor... see yourself the pictures...






And other problem , this tubular frame is too big...i cannot close the fuselage without damage...







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I thus decide to make a new plastic frame....




I add some correction on the frame and this new tubular frame is done






And with a perfect fit




The supplied engine is magnificent






The engine is done , some little detail are added , all the cable come when i fix it at the fuselage.







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The Exhaust type "spaghetti" provided with the kit is not the right version for this plane...i need to scratchbuild the correct Exhaust...for after , when the engine is in place :)






Second Big big problem...the front collapse is too big... :angry2:




Solution , show the engine.... :ninja:


See you next for the suite...


I wish a Happy New Year to you to all, full of models!



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Great start ;)


One of my friend is working within the french aerobatic patrol (the "patrouille de France") so I had the chance to meet the guys who fly those birds recently (F Rallet & A Olowski) as they share the same airbase here in the South of France  and they are both great guys, litterally the right stuff !

I also have seen them flying a few time (impressive) and to get (very) close to these aircraft and man these are incredibly rigid and strong!

Trully the formula one of the air ...


Looking forward to your next update ;)

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