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Get to da Choppah! (No. Seriously)

Suresh Nathan

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Had planned to do this for a while. Features the Revell Huey and Cobra in an evacuation scene. In the foreground will be an M113 ACAV knocked out by an RPG. The pictures should help. It's a diorama so not too much superdetailing. Mainly focusing on painting and composition so should be done by March 31.


Anyone with references of the area of operations would be greatly appreciated. Please post photos here. Looking for colourful markings on Huey and Cobra in same area of ops. A colorful ACAV would be a bonus.


Here's the mockup. The base was made with ply strip and varnished:




Same mockup with a bit of phone photoedit:




This project is going to have a lot of figures:


2 in Cobra, 4 in Huey, 3 in ACAV, 3-4 on ground. I had to raid my spares box for Vietnam era figures (top left hand corner). The rest are from MBT and Dragon.







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Hi Kev. Thanks for the welcome. Quick newbie question - how do we post photos?




You can't upload them directly to the forums; instead, you have to upload them to a third-party hosting site (Photobucket, Flickr, or just a web folder somewhere), and then link them in to your post. Take a look at our tutorial about how to do it from Photobucket:




It's written by a Photobucket staff member, though it is slightly out-of-date now. If you have any troubles, just let me know.



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Yes. Same Suresh Nathan. Thank you very much for the comments.


Trying this group build format mainly because the article format doesn't provide for extravagances like the sketch and other musings....


Like for instance looking at the number of models in my stash and the number of years I have to build them I need to begin combining them into single projects. So you can expect to see more of these in the years to come (http://www.largescaleplanes.com/articles/article.php?aid=2512).



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Thanks Marus. The link is useful. Anything you can provide on historical accuracy would be appreciated.....nothing worse than putting 3 vehicles together that were not even in the same continent. Lol.


With armor it's a lot easier but when you start putting sharkmouths and snakes on helicopters it starts getting too obvious.

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Hi Marus,

I'm flexible with the incident. I tend to work backwards in these projects depending on the markings of the vehicles. My reading so far is that UH1D gunships were used with troop carriers (slicks). The gunships were later called cobras which were replaced  by the AH1G cobras beginning around 1968. Problem is a number of the famous units cut their teeth on UH1D gunships so they have the history and the nice markings. I'm still unable to find a unit that featured UH1H(or D) and AH1G with sharkmouths. So anything accurate for the time is good. Btw, here's a pic of the references I'm using. Plus I've been trawling the internet. In the top right hand corner are the beginnings of the figures. I couldn't find any more pilot sets here and in Australia so I've resorted to casting them in resin. More updates to follow.



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Very Nice !  I've done an M-113 lately and working on a UH-1D.  I am familiar with the painful process of getting both kits up to speed.  Haven't tried a big Cobra though.  Maybe next year (just weeks away...LoL)   Great sketch work you did for your diorama, by the way.  I'll have to try that on one I have planned.  It might look good displayed along with the model.


Look forward to seeing your progress :-)


Ed Okun

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