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XF5U-1 "Flying Pancake"

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I'm in with this one, being on the "to do" list for awhile and this GB is the push that I needed to start it! Twin engines and tails guess that should do it.


It will be OOB, a quick slam I think, but every time I say that, find something to fiddle about. Let say it is a recess from my other GB, waiting for some intel and parts!



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Just a heads up, when it comes time to glue in the halves. You can either cut a section out of the area above the engines like mine (see my sig) OR you can glue in the leading edges of the fuselage, and leave the back 3/4s unglued, and using a long rod, insert the engine shrouds.


There is NO other way around it if you want the two resin engine shroud rings to be glued in w/no seams.


The kit itself is quite decent actually, and builds quite nice OOB..............








The only other BIG niggle are the props. PM has you attach them directly to the face of the engine nacelles with NO other contact surfaces other than the back of the prop and the bumpy face of the nacelles (nacelle face is covered in bolts so there is NO flat mounting surface). 


See my XF5U-1 WIP for any ideas you might want to use for that..................I subbed in some brass tube and rod to fix the prop issue.



Looking forward to some pics, and progress!   Good luck!

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Thanks Brian for the intel. I already stole some pics of your build! :innocent:  Love what you did with those gears. Got my hands on the Ginter book, not big but with nice info.


BTW did you know that they restored V-173? Clever the way you did the intakes and cutting on the panel lines... :goodjob:

So hope mine will come out as nice as yours. Man love those oddities!

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So little update,




Cut the panels from underside, went a bit further than you did Brian, so to slide the intake spinners and fans more easely. Glued some tabs to hold the panels in place.




Glued the intake tunnels in place and started puttying them.




Begin pit construction and painting, and that's where I am.




So stay tunned for more infos!

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:oops: Sorry! I was so caught up with my build, that I forgot to take some pics! So on with them!




First the IP, I used Airscale decals and bezels and it came out quite nice! They where a bit overscale but the result is really good.




Second, The two parts of the fuselage/wing where glued and the intakes where puttied and painted. The fans where then glued inside and the panels on the underside where glued, still some work to do with the joints.




The turtle deck was glued in place with the head rest. Verticals are on with the rudders a bit deflected. The flaps are glued slightly deflected too. The elevators are just slided in for now.




Aluminum rods are used for the spinners. They where done on the lathe.




Looking head on, we can see the fans inside. What will give all the personality to this bird are the two gigornamican propelers.

Now the gears, hope they will come out as nice as yours Brian! Then the final touch on the pit and a coat of primer to check all the flaws before the DSB paint.


So far it is really a fun build and, to my surprise a quick one too!


Stay tune for more infos!

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So some more work on the pit, seat, straps and belts are on. I used the photoetch in the ZM P-51D kit, I'll be using Radu seat belts instead.




DId the throtles and a new stick because the one in the kit was just a straight rod with a kinda handle to it.




The IP is really looking nice once installed.




The rudder pedals are slighty off due to the deflection of the rudders.




And the radome is glued in place to protect the tiny rod.




So enough for now, little break. Can't wait for the new canopies to my F-105 so I can work on that one too!

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And when you thought it was safe to take a break! :doh: So decided to build a frame for the canopy and the roll bar.


It will be posed open or probably I'll leave it unglued, so will have the choice, open or closed. Or even sliding? :hmmm:


With tiny guides in front? :hmmm:




Started with some .040 plastic stock and base myself on different canopies of those days, plus an artistic licence :whistle: , ended up with something like this.




I used the roll bar from the kit and added some shims.




Roll bar in place under the canopy.




There was, already, a guide molded on the turtle deck, just shimed it a bit. Here's the canopy in the close position.




You can see the guide that I shimed on the turtle deck. Canopy in open position. Not bad so far! :thumbsup:




I'll glu a piece on the canopy to form an arch and have it more to scale. Will do it on the windshield too.




No gun sight on this one. No armement was carried, but provision for 6 .50 cal was included.




I'm having a blast on this one! :yahoo: When you want to take a break, you are pulled back to the bench by an obscure force! Hope it's not the dark side! :ninja:



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