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B-17G Double the fun!


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Guest Nigelr32

Glad to see someone else wrestling with this beast!!


I don't understand people having issues with the tail planes though?


I've dry fitted mine, and they seem to fit nice? I agree the trailing edge of the elevators require work but all else seems fine.


Now, onto accuracy, there is definitly something wrong with the tail end of this model, but I can't put my finger on what exactly it is? I think the chord of the tail plane at be small, or maybe it's just that the tail plane is too far forward?

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I think someone said the tail planes were a bit too far forward but I can't remember where I saw that.  It's a funny thing how your horizontal stabs fit pretty well.  I'm wondering if they use several different molds for this kit.  I'm not exactly sure how a company does their injection molding but I think that may have something to do with it. There may be a bunch of different batches, each with it's own little problems.  Add to that some shrinkage and warpage and you have a good source for the problem.  

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  Ok Silver Dollar its paint


That Alclad surface, if I'm correct in identifying it is beautiful.  I wish I could have gotten my foil to lay down that nicely.  I know what your talking about when it comes to work space.  I'm only building one and I ran out of space last week.  


Man that is nice pz.     If I were doing two of these one would be camo'd   plus I might make them " Factory Fresh"



    Very Nice


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I would have liked to do an Alclad finish but I just don't do it justice like you did.  I was thinking of doing a Modelmaster metalizer finish but you can't mask it or seal it well like you can Alclad.  Forget the mess.  That's the price of building.   

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