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F-84 Thunderjet FINISHED


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ken, guy, maru, thanx for dropping in!


most of the parts are on now, i only have to finish the cockpit. the hobby boss rear clear part has a frame with riverts where there should be reinforcing strips, so i carefully sanded these off first. then i started experimenting with white decals strips, but couldnt get them to sit in the right places. also the white decal film was see-through a bit, so i decided to use some self adhesive white plastic foil instead. on the real thing you can also see the strips overlap, so i think this works quite nicely

some more trimming necessary, but its getting there



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well, short of the upper wing national insignia (that a fellow modeler will sen me - danke christian) its finished.

overall i must say a nice kit, very buildable (and no one will ever notice i glued the airbrake-bay in backwards :ph34r:)












hope you like it

thanx for looking


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