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Airfix 1/24 Mustang IV

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Well folks here is #1 for A-OOB for me. I am really stoked about this build. Its an Airfix 1/24 P-51D.
I had initially decided on a 334FS paint scheme, but have moved that scheme to a Hobby Craft P-51D kit. So I am at this point undecided on a paint scheme.
Here is the kit....

This is a newer kit and comes with all 3 props available for the Mustang, as well as both styles of canopies, and a very large decal sheet for numerous versions....of course none of which I can use....DOH

I had already started this build about 2 weeks ago, but put it aside as to not go over the 25%, so there is a bit done already, pics to follow shortly...

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change in direction in paint scheme...

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Uh-oh, the big, 1/24, guns!


Started before the staring gun?







Yup, I couldnt help myself....and its been torture sitting here staring at this kit for nearly the past week :(

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Well here is what I had accomplished up to putting it aside, a quick dose of silver as a basic cover-up on all the interior surfaces, as by now all the Mustangs were being built sans any primers with a few areas as exceptions. Then per some documentation I found on the web which was written for the RAF, but I figured some of it was applicable to our birds I masked off and painted interior green from station 101 (roughly just forward of the instrument panel) to station 184 (a bulkhead/former just aft of the internal fuel tank). I then detailed the cockpit sides, did a bit of distressing with silver, and added some decals to resemble some of the placards (though they are not exact). I painted the underside of the IP glare shield flat black, though there is conflicting documentation of that item on Mustangs being either flat black or O.D. I then painted the engine mountings zinc chromate yellow. I also opened up the holes in the side intakes....(wow that was a job)


Here is the documentation I am referencing....





And here are my in-prog photos so far....











Now its finally back to getting my hands dirty and ruining my eyes......heaven :punk:

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A few pics of the progress,

a dry fitting of things, leaves alot to be desired in the wing/fillet/dihedral areas, so I will be adding with some sheet styrene, the wing main spar to correct the dihedral, and fix up the wheel wells and gun bays as well.


spray bombed a bunch of flat black parts, and did the initial assembly of the engine. Also in the process of repairing some horrible sink marks in the cuffs, and painted the spinner.




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Well so far tonight.....

I wanted to have a Warren McArthur seat in this build as IMO would be a bit more probable, but in the kit was a "sort of" Schick-Johnson...soooo.....










I have a bit of work to do on the floor boards yet, I did paint the seat "Dull Dark Green" aka Dk. Euro Green 34092 per the ref. material above and what I have read around the net as that FS# being the closest match, and of course the obligatory "masking tape" seat belts :rolleyes:. Also still tinkering away on the engine accessories.


PS Thanks a bunch, guys, and it sure doesnt feel fast Kev...

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OK...so....I have been staring at the tail on my Mustang for the past hour....


I want this,



to look like this....



I am relatively certain I can get the shape down, and make it smooth.

But what in the world to I do about the rivet detail. This model has "raised" rivit detail and I dont want to loose that. I have a hair-brained idea regarding the rivit detail so I would like it to stay.

Does anybody have an idea on how to repair/replace the raised rivets?


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Pete Fleishmann used liquid (aluminum) weld for raised rivets in his 1/16 AT-38.





Hmmmmm, nice......Thanks


I cant believe I am contemplating reproducing plastic raised rivets on a model airplane :BANGHEAD2: :doh: :fight: :mental:

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You could try some of the commercial rivet sets that are available. Off the top of my head I think there are some from Archer Transfers and HGW, and perhaps others. I've not used them myself, but I've seen them in action, and they seem to do the job admirably.



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