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Free French P-40F GC II/5 "Lafayette"


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Looking very nice, unusual subject as well...


Was the GM tail a bad fit because it was designed for a different kit? Looked like a major addition by you to make it meet up properly..?


Look forward to more.



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Waroff here is a link to the H 75 I built some years ago. Forgot that mine was actually a conversion kit using a Trumpeter P 40B. Forgot how much I enjoyed building this kit doing the research and creating the diorama. There may be some useful information or you.



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Thank ypou for your link, it's very interesting, your H75 is beautiful.





I delete the message because I wrote an error, also I makes a correction..

I mistake because there were two aircraft coded "2" this day.

blue 2 was the beginning of the row, and white 2 toward the end

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Warhoff good catch...."Both squadrons had the famous Souix head painted on the aircraft the 2nd squadron adding it"s own badge (a flying duck) under the windscreen. Individual numbers were white for the 1st squadron and light blue for the 2nd squadron. " (French Air Force Camouflage and Markings 1938-1945). So the aircraft in the color photo is "2" of the 2nd squadron and my model "2" of the 1st squadron. Here are two great sites for more information;






Here is an aircraft of the 2nd squadron;



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Thanks all. Yes the exhausts look realistic painted that way. An inexpensive set of oil paints will do it. I changed the spinner color. I thought red looked nicer. Maybe this one was painted red later. Also some details I "stretch" a bit. The cowl should actually cover the firewall but this was the only way it would fit. The sheet metal behind the spinner is also made up. Looks about right not accurate.

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