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Free French P-40F GC II/5 "Lafayette"


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Finally getting around to posting progress on this model. This is a project that's been on my list for over ten years. I was always planning on working from the old Revell P-40E kit but when better kits started coming out I thought I'd wait. Then Grey Matter released an F conversion for the Hasegawa P-40E and I was ready.


In 1942/43 a number of P-40F and F5's from the US 33rd FG were turned over to the Free French air force at Casablanca. Initially they were painted in Vichy markings but CO Rozannoff was not amused and had them repainted (below)




Sorry for the small pic





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The top speed of the F wasn't much changed but the Merlin would have improved high altitude performance. I'd have to believe it was the best P-40. My choice is this F5. The 5 having an extended tail for better stability.



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Okay enough. On to the building! Below is the Grey Matter F conversion showing what needs to be cut in the nose of the Hasegawa E kit. I didn't include the Grey Matter cowling as it's a solid resin block and I'm adding the Merlin.



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This is terrific work on an excellent project Bill, and I love the work you've done so far. How did you get those exhausts looking so realistic? I'm amount to tackle the ones for my Dora build, and would like to achieve such an effect.



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