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HK Models 1/32 Avro Lancaster

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There's also the issue of the wireless op's window on the Tamiya Lanc it's too far forward but it's still a nice kit, the Bomber boys was a good proggy. Pity tho they didn't give a mention to the Stirling and Hallybag plus how tight a squeeze was it getting to and into the rear turret!!!!



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Did you say a PBY? Looks as though this is being developed by Kingscale in 1/32: http://amg.cdc.cz/kat109.html




Now that looks very intriguing. At first I thought it was a vacuform kit (which I don't do), but on closer examination, I can see that it's injection. All that interior detail is nothing short of amazing. Could precise detailing like that, inside and out, be the start of a new trend in kit production as new technologies come into use? I suspect this kit won't be cheap, but then, cost isn't a concern for me now that I'm retired and don't have many expenses. As for the other two from my wish list, the JU-52 and C-47, I understand Masterbox is working on those, but when or if they'll actually go into production seems to be an open question. At least I'll have plenty of other multi-engined 1/32 kits to keep me busy in the meantime.


Oh, and thanks for the info.


Jerry Peterson


Hi, first-time poster, wandering over occasionally from the Small Scale Military HQ forums as I started building 1/32 after 21st Century went bust and Forces of Valor slowed their new releases. Had to sign up when I saw this post although I know its a little old now - I was searching on updates to HK Models releases to see if the B17 was due soon. So..................................


..........anyway, saw the mention of the PBY, which I have seen before while doing other searches (and I am excited about a PBY in 1/32), and wanted to let anyone else interested in this know that there is a cutaway PBY-5 fuselage on display at the Pensacola Naval Aviation Museum in Florida IN ADDITION to the restored plane outside. If I had known about this kit I would have taken more and better pics last time I was there, but as it is my birth city and I still have family there I will be going back for more. Lots of great planes there BTW for reference pics. I have touched the only known 2-seater training ME-262 there. The PBY cutaway is setup to resemble a plane in flight (mannequins in crew positions, gear, personal items about, etc) so it should be a detailer's wet dream.


I hope this kit becomes a reality, even though I've already swamped my room with the B25, He111, Ju88, and soon the He219. Already marked out a corner for the B17, if and when.

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I only have a few right now; wife wants to visit P'cola for Spring Break (not visiting family this time so we can do more stuff - last time we were hampered by my dad's wife - not my real mom - who had hurt her back ). I plan on taking tons of pics as I have a Trumpeter TBM-3 Avenger, Trumpeter F6F-3N Hellcat, and want the upcoming Hasegawa N1K2 Shiden Kai so I want detail pics for when I start those builds.


In the meantime, here is what I have plus some extra stuff:



My buddy, George:



The ME-262 2-seater:



Back view of the Avenger:



And a Battle of Midway survivor:



And lastly, rides for the kiddies:



Here is a list of planes on exhibit, just in case anyone would like to make requests:


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