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Westland Lysander

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Evening All,

Thought I would share my build of Revells old trusty Lizzie.


Original plan was to build her straight from the box, but the cockpit internals where, shall we say a tad inacurate :blink: .


Sooo I have only used the kit cockpit framing and fuel tank, the rest has all being scratch built.






More to follow in a while.


Cheers all. :)

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Ah, the Lizzie...


I specially visited Old Warden (Shuttleworth Collection) to have a closer look at the Lysander and take some detailed pictures of the aircraft there. They painted it all black to depict "MA-B" the Lysander Peter Vaughan-Fowler flew many nocturnal missions in during moon-lit periods that lasted for around two weeks (starting from one week before full moon to one week after...)... (It unfortunately lacks the extra oil tank fiited on top of the fuel tank behind the pilot - which is typical for SD-versions...)


If I may recommend a very intriguing book about these Special Duties missions: "They landed by Moonlight", written by the late Hugh Verity who was Squadron Commander of 161 Sqn (RAF Tempsford) during a considerable period of the war. In his book he used material that had been secret / classified during some 50 years after the war... This greatly adds to his own memories and transforms the book into a valuable time documant that gives a rare insight into these SD operations... In his book it turns out that some very important French passengers are on the list of passengers that were taken to England for their special training after which they were dropped off in France again... Francois Mitterand was one of them and so was Jean Moulin, probably the best known hero of the French Resistance... The barn to which they took their secret passengers is still there at RAF Tempsford - a fitting memorial to all involved..!


I for sure will build a Lysander in 1:32 scale..! Why? Read the book and you'll know why...

I'll be following this build with great interest!


So, if you need any pics / info, let me know. I'm glad to help you out...



Many happy landings! (The Lysander guys only had three torches available during landing; torches lit on the ground in an inverted L-shaped pattern - in occupied countries, that is...)


Piet Bouma

The Netherlands

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Evening All,

Thanks for the replies, since my last post I have joined the fuselage halfs together.






Started to add a bit of detail to the engine by including the wiring harness,




Hope to get engine finished by the weekend, other tasks permitting, that is :)



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Welcome to LSP. Thanks for sharing this build with us. I am very impressed with the work you have carried out so far - some very beautiful detail work there. I look forward to seeing more of this build.


Best regards



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Evening All,

I never realised this little project off mine was going to spark off so much interest in the old Revell / Matchbox Lizzie.


I have now fitted the engine, but after Edgar Brooks post in another forum topic I realise I am going to have to start and try and scratch build some more engine supports and also try and devise a way of running some exhaust piping to the collector ring. ;)




I have also decided to have the outer set of slats extended, so more cutting and slashing of me poor old kit.


Wings before.




And wings after.




Thats it for now, I am going to drink the beer my kids brought me for fathers day. ;)


Cheers All.

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Evening all,

The Lizzie bits are now starting to come together, all the glazing has being masked and sprayed. The wing support struts sprayed and the container or fuel tank ? also sprayed.




The wheel assemblies done, prop and the wing slats finished and operating rods fitted.



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At last, the exhausts have being made up and fitted to the collector ring.




The wings have being finished, and a first layer of paint applied.




and last but not least the fuselage has also got its first layer of paint




Has anybody any sugestions on how to weather a semi gloss black finish ???


Cheers all

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And also




Just the rear glazing to add, rear access ladder and other odds and ends,


and then its down to adding decals and some light weathering.


Cheers all.

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