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Bekim how is it going mate :lol: long time no see, about time you got working on the Lavi again. Will she be finished for the expo :lol: I am hoping to be there so it will be nice to catch up and see your progress.



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That's really beautiful scratchbuilding you've done on the cockpit. The pictures are way bigger than my computer screen though and a bit blurry :lol: , which makes it difficult to admire your handiwork. See if can you can fix that because this is shaping up to be a super build and I would love to see tons more piccies of your progress.


Best Regards, Jean

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Nice so far. l looking forward to seeing done. But the way have you ever notice the similarites between this plane and the new chinese J-10??



Hacker :) B)



Hi Hacker


jeep,the Lavi and the J-10 looks very similar,but the J-10 is bigger than the Lavi and is more powerful.


But anyway, I like the Lavi more ,post-1150-1185727258.jpgcause it´s shape looks more nicer......

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Looking excellent Bekim, nice choice on a/c to do B)


Your scratchbuilding is admirable, I'm sure this is going to look stunning in white with Star of David roundels!


BTW I also used CATIA was back in early 90s, V3 i think, on IBM RISC 6000.

Great package yes :)

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