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F4J in Cunningham markings : FINISHED

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so its finished, the brown gunk that came with the decals turned out to look as weathering B)

mission accomplished? well kind of. the build definitely took me back to my early days of modelling, but not all memories were pleasant. if i would have started with a kit that fit so bad, i might have given up modelling early. i now know again how lucky we are to have better kits today. even the trumpeter mig 17 i did before now seems better after tackling this one :P .

it was fun though, i didnt use one source of reference and didnt worry about how it will look after finishing (well i admit i took a peek into "...and kill migs")

now what to do with it? the thing is so embarassing. maybe blow it up, like we did as kids.... :ph34r:


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