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Found 8 results

  1. I have had this in MY Favorites for a while.. I thought you guys may like to watch it.  "Jack Currie The Lancaster Legend" . Gets interesting from about 8.22 minutes.but it's fascinating from the get go in MY opinion... Shows inside the Lancaster I believe.
  2. New release today. Hit the picture to go directly to the shop. Enjoy!
  3. Here are some pictures of the commotion and interest generated by Dave (phartycroc's) Lancaster. You should have seen it up-close. TERRIFIC work by Dave on this extremely quick build (five weeks?!?!). The LSP/SIG32 table was right next to WNW so lots of questions as to which Lancaster Dave built (WNW or HKM). I should have taken a few more pictures of the Lanc, but it was rare when there were not many folks around it. It was rumored, but not confirmed, that Dave got to sit down TWICE on Saturday. HUGE interest in his amazing build. Maru: Recog
  4. Hi All: Just spent a terrific weekend with Dave (Phartycroc), Roy, Mike, Richard and other members of the LSP/Sig32 group here in the UK. MANY thanks to these very fine gentlemen for allowing me to jump into their terrific display and for the warm hospitality. Can't say enough good things about this weekend. EDIT: No dropbox link - sorry, but I've done two other Telford threads on the clubs and SIGs and the models themselves. Enjoy! Here are the terrific Trio: Roy, Mike and Dave And they even let me get a picture in too! The
  5. Guest

    Lanc news

    HK FB page has cad and says test shot example hopefully by January and release February March!https://www.facebook.com/hkmmodels/photos/pcb.1928004717449144/1928004267449189/?type=3&theater
  6. Oh how I wish I was there in the flesh, but alas I, and some of you have to live through the eyes, ears, noses, and standing on end hairs of the fortunate ones.... Posting these on the behalf of one of our own, who was there to smell the exhaust and feel the roar.....more to come over the next few days.....
  7. So at last weekend's Skyfest event at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum, the museum painted different markings on their Mynarski Memorial Lancaster which featured shark mouths on all four engines. Does anyone here know the story behind these markings? They certainly give the plane a different look. Sorry for the photo quality but all I had was a small point and shoot camera. A close up on one of the engine cowlings: Carl
  8. I make no secret of the fact that I'm on the editorial staff over at another modelling site. Yesterday, I came home to find this in my staff mailbox: http://www.hk-models.de/p2_06.htm This ought to raise the excitement level a trifle
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