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Found 5 results

  1. Gday all, I've decided I definitely need a 1/24 Hellcat in my life, but want something a bit more interesting than the standard schemes. Which leads us to the drones. Perfect. Nice and colourful. Plenty of chance to whether the thing, and minimal work to convert. Or so I thought. Check out the wing tips on these airframes. Neat little wing tip tanks. Reasonably easy to make, but does anyone know of any plan views or drawings of these? Plenty of interesting pics scattered randomly throughout Google. Here is a good starting point too: http://www.gmodelart.com/2017/09/f6f-5k-hellcat-vu-1-ua15-drone-oahu.html?m=1 If you wanted to really stand out, there are always these style tanks too. Do any of the F6F books give good ideas? Thanks guys Denzil
  2. Here is the first of two pilots we are producing for the new 1/24 Hellcat release by Airfix. US Navy/Marine pilot in flying gear. Resin kit Sculpted by Robert Lane Box Art Edward Sage Available from the Elan13 Miniatures website Price: £20.00
  3. a very old kit but i like this : [/URL
  4. First one in 2018. Trumpeters F6F is like a Garfield - too many lasagnas caused thickness . To hide it i opened canopy. I used: - Montex masks for stars - Eduard Interior - Techmod decals for cat mouth - added cables and other small things. My machine:
  5. Our club does an annual 'Group Build' called Build the Same Kit. This year its the Hellcat and mine is the Eduard 1/72 kit. I chose Lt. Stambook, VF-27 from the USS Princeton as my subject (kit decal options) since it had that nice mouth on it (can't really say its a sharks mouth). Already in progress using mostly Vallejo and Model Master paints. This is the Profipack kit, so it has the PE parts for the cockpit (color photoetch). For the first time I was able to get all of the various switches in place and the PE seatbelts. I've seen a few different light blues on these aircraft, but have a feeling the blue I chose is just a LITTLE too bright. Interesting too is that the kill markings are on the right side of the aircraft. Had not seen that before. VF 6 and VF 33 seem to have done this. Working on the washes now, using a light gray around the gun ammo doors (as I've seen in reference photos) and black on the folding wing and flaps. Best as I can tell, the rest of the panels for the most part were not outlined so just leaving them alone. Will hit with a matte finish at the end. Thanks, Chris
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