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Found 14 results

  1. Cant finish the Zipper, ´cause i am waiting on the Master pitot, but its on the home stretch. So i pulled out this kit: It has a bit of a story. When Kitty Hawk stopped producing kits i panicked a little and ordered the T-28, the F-5, the Mirage 2000C and the Bronco, being afraid of prices in the future. i allread built the T-28 https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/97693-vietnames-t-28c/ i collected aftermarket for the F-5 and the Mirage, but wasnt sure what to do wth the Bronco. the desert storm version wasnt my first choice, but i couldnt finde the A version at the time, maybe i didnt look hard enough but the i remebered a drawing of a version with the long nose in an old squadron book. it turned out it was the YOV-10D, of which version two were employed to Binh Thuy to VAL-4 (being a Navy unit, the NOGS werent acually a part of the Black Ponys i think)
  2. Same question as about the Bearcat in Indochina: I know there were Spitfire IXs serving in French Indochina from 1945-1950. Which variant? TIA.
  3. I am looking to order some of videoaviation's excellent resin products, but Maurizio got a little cranky with me when I placed an order and then he told me some of the items I wanted were well post-Vietnam. I asked for guidance, but he canceled the order and told me he's too busy to hold my hand on this, so fair enough. I tried researching the items below, but had little or no luck finding references about them. If I want to order a 1:1 version, no problem. And if you need the company that currently has the contract for refurbing the older models, again, that's on the Web. Can some of you tell me whether the following are suitable for VN, either on the ground or at sea? Coleman MB-4 towing tractor Harlan tow tractor STT towing tractor USN MHU-191 bombs cart MD-1 towbar "early" MA/1A – MD-3 Cold War Starter Set Clarktor towing tractor A/M32A-60 Starter Cart
  4. The Bucc isn´t finished, but i started tinkering with the ICM cobra pit and eduard stuff. It will look like that and i will be following Brians build pretty closely there is only one pic of it in a squadron book i am aware of. if anybody has another, that would be cool
  5. Are there any photos of this F-4D in this scheme around? I can’t find any through Google or Bing... I like it because the 49th TFW was sort of a “reserve-wing” for USAFE. In times of crisis their aircraft would go from Holloman to Ramstein and/or Spangdahlem. This was exercised regularly.
  6. I do not post much here, since I do not have any large scale models in the works, but you guys do such wonderful work, I thought you might appreciate these photos, get a glimpse into the 68 and 69 Navy, from a member of VF-33s ground crew. My Dad was in the Navy from 1965 to 1969. He's been dead since 2000, so there is no asking him for info on this stuff, my mom is around but won't knot much about the Navy details so I am putting this together from memory and whats in the photos. The slides were not in great shape, and the first set of scans were rough, and then the scanner broke. So, since Amazon didn't have the same model anymore, I spent a little more money and got a much nice scanner, with a better "technology" for film scanning, and it fixes the flaws when it scans them. The results are remarkable. As far as I know these images were taken with a Minolta 35mm Camera, I guess an SLR, since he had a bunch of lenses for it. I learned photography with it, and have a few pictures of my GTO I took with his Camera. This was the type of camera you focuses, and set the light settings, and had to hand wind. Considering how much harder a camera was to work back then, I think my old man was a reasonably talented photographer. As far as I can remember he went to boot camp in San Diego, then he went to schools for Ejection Seat Maintenance and Air Condition systems on the F4J Phantom. He got assigned to VF-33, part of CVW-6, with VF-102, VA-82, VA-86, VA-85, RVAH-13, VAW-122, VAW-13 Det. 66, and VAH-10 Det. 66. CAG-6 was assigned to the USS America, who was about three years old and about to go on a world cruise, that would include the Ships only Vietnam deployment in 1968. When the ship got back, it was stationed on the east coast, and VF-33 went to CVW-7, and ended up on the Independence. My dad was with them for at least one work up cruise, since there are a set of photos from that ship. By mid 69 he was back in San Diego, working with VF-121, the west coast RAG, waiting to get out . I do not have any photos yet from San Diego, at least Navy stuff. (Thanks for the correction on the Carrier groups Ziggy) Here is a shot of the CVA-66 USS America, she displaced 61,174 tons empty, 83,500 full load. She was the second Kitty Hawk Class Carrier, she would spend the majority of her Career in the Med. (if the logo for the Sherman Tank Site seems like its in odd places, its usually covering a flaw the scanner could not fix) Here's a VF-33 Phantom. A VF-102 Phantom, an F-4J the same as VF-33. Here are some pretty cool shots from an underway replenishment. It could be anywhere on the World cruise in 68. I think this is also from an Unrep, maybe the same one. This photo is one of my favorite, you get an A-7 and Sea Night for the the price of one! A Vigilante about to get a cat shot. This was scanned on the old scanner and is just a place holder for a dupe. This shot is of the flight deck, by the cats on the angle deck looking forward. Not the kill mark on the intake of the F-4J, 212 sitting there, pretty cool. These last three shots are all from the USS Independence, in early 69, I assume off the East Coast on work ups for their upcoming Med Cruise. This is my old Man, Rick T, I'm pretty sure that's a Martin Baker Ejection seat right next to him. Several VF-33 Phantoms got shot down, and the seats always worked, so he had that going for him. This image was scanned on the original scanner, note how cruddy it looks, when I get to this slide again, I'll post the improved version. Compare the below image to the one above too. I'll posts more as I water mark them and host them. There was a crossing of the line ceremony, that my Dad took a ton of pics on, its pretty interesting. It was really nice to find these, I had thought hey got lost in a move.
  7. Hi guys, I’m currently building the Kitty Hawk 1/48 RF-101C Voodoo (a smooth and pleasant ride despite what’s being said In some circles). My intention is to do an Vietnam-era replica in one of the early test camouflage. During my research, I noticed that Voodoo of that theater often carry a different kind of auxiliary tanks, slimmer and longer than their European counterparts.   I curious to know where those peculiar tanks come from. Since the RF-101s used in Vietnam were originally based in Japan, were these long tanks associated with their base in Japan ( just like the Misawa tanks on the F-86 during the Korean War?) What do you Voodoo fans, think?  Thank you for your input. Cheers, Quang 
  8. Hey everyone, long time no talked, Since I built that baby OOB 4 years ago, I always wanted to do a NAM Raider a bit different than the usual one we mostly see.... And had that one stalled in my stash for quite a while.... And then came AOA came with this sheet........ hummmm, why not peanut.. And most particularly this one... Ohhhh YES...... Iron rain you asked, Iron rain you'll get....lol. with a touch of heat..... Didn't get all my goodys yet and still have some more to order but want to keep it a very simple, built and no fancy scratch at all..(anyway, I'm no good at scratching stuff....lol.) Going to use: this up mention AOA decal sheet, AMS Prop, wheels and Napalm canister, Master's barrel and Aerobonus pilot. More picture than talking I will... wan't to keep the odds in my favor to finish this GB in time.. So hope you'll enjoy and will start posting picture soon. Quick and easy, that's my new mojo. Dan.
  9. I am feeling some strong urges to tackle the Trumpeter A6=A in USMC Vietnam-era colors (land-based or carrier-based is equally OK). Can one of y'all provide a list of all the AM things I should include? Spare no detail. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hello Fello modelers, this is my first post in a long while here on LSP, I have been super busy with two jobs and life hindering my build time, you all know the excuse but I have finally completed something to show. Our local Hobby club had an F-4 Phantom group build this summer and this is what I did for it. I used the Tamiya 1/32nd scale F-4C/D Phantom kit which was an awsome kit and went together with no problems. It took me about 2 1/2 months or so to do when I could get the time. I wanted to do a mig killer from the Vietnam War with the Aircraft grey scheme the Phantoms first used at the beginning of the war, some of which came from MacDill Airforce base from my home state of Florida. I choose to do aircraft BU # 64-0693 (FJ-693) from the 45th TFS out of Ubon, Thailand in 1965 which became the first Mig Killer Aircraft of the war. I used Model Masters Aircraft Grey as the Base color and Model Masters white for the bottom. I used MM Magnesium for the exhaust area with some MM Titanium dry brushed in the middle of the panels to give it a dirtied affect. I used Flory Models dark dirt wash for panel lines and weathering the paint. I then used some Windsor and Newton water based oils the do staining and streaking. The decals Had to be home made from my printer since I could not get these decals in 1/32nd scale, also used some spare decals from my stash to complete it. The only thing I am missing is the Mission bombs and Mig kills on the left Intake panel that I will need to get somehow. I had a few flaws here and there on it but overall I am very pleased at how this Model came out and I think this is one of my best ones to date. I hope you all enjoy the model and I also wanted to say that when I have had the chance to lurk on the forum you guys have done some awsome outstanding model building on this forum and I have a great appreciation and feel priviledeged to be a part of this forum. Thanks and Enjoy your Summer Boys while you still can. Chris Causey P.S Pics Heavy.
  11. Hi guys, I'm currently building a Tamiya 1/48 Skyraider USN early 1960s with a bucket seat (as opposed to the later Yankee extraction seat). I searched long and large but cannot find a reference for the colour of the seat belts/harness. Can any of you Skyraider experts help me in that matter? Thank you in advance, Cheers, Quang
  12. Hi guys, querying Italeri's call out for flat gull gray for the underside of the F104. I've got MM acrylic flat gull gray but it seems almost tan compared to some colour photos I've found which seem more like a light white/gray. I've got a few coats of tamiya's fine white primer down and even this seems closer to photos. Does anyone have any info as to what colour the underside should be? Maybe Italeri got it wrong... Thanks for any feed back. Cheers Bevan
  13. I was going through all the F-4 builds in the Vietnam GB and had a question. Which of the two versions of the SUU-23 gun pod did they use? Was it the full length one with the tear drop rear fairing or the "stubby" one? Or were both used but at different time frames? If so, any one know when the change came about? I have the AMS stubby gun pods but have the feeling they may be incorrect. Thanks Carl
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