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Found 9 results

  1. Hi Guys, This model was started a few years ago but resurrected and completed recently. A typical short run kit, plastic shell with resin and etch details, not many alignment aids but that's all covered in the build on Works in Progress. Paints by MMP mostly applied with Mr Custom PS-770 0.18 airbrush, home made masks, Barracuda resin wheels, QuickBoost resin Revi16B gun sight and resin wing guns. Albion Alloys micro brass tubing Pitot and cowling gun barrels. Eduard colour etched seat belts, E-Z Line radio aerial wire, lots of little mods, fiddles, scratch built bits and lots of bodges! the very last photo shows the undercarriage down lock indicator post on the wing. Hope you like it. Now for the ground crew view of the aircraft. And that's a wrap! Regards, Bruce Crosby
  2. Just starting the F4U in the 'in the navy' and saw this 'started' kit in my #sod.. It was actually started before I bought it, and not quite how I would have done it... but I LOVE this spitfire - I think it's the sexiest one (griffon engine, in the old school canopy) - there are no good kits for this model, so this will do. I want to finish it before I move to the F4U, so last night I check if all the parts are there (not that many, and yes, all but one part, and I can live with that!!).
  3. It’s finally time to get started on this. I’m really looking forward to it based on all the reviews I’ve read, here on LSP as well as other sites. This is going to be out of the box. I’ve spent too many months on single builds lately. This seems the perfect candidate as there really isn’t too much on the tweak list for the A3 and given it’s mixed media has PE and resin parts to really make it look sharp. Here’s the only Eastern Front option in the kit I did just the IP the other night...then found a build review that said the PE and panel is too wide and needs trimmed. Boy they were right, I spent 30-40 minutes trying to make it fit! Heres the kit for you guys that haven’t seen these Last night and Tonight I got started in earnest. Primed some parts, built the cockpit and added some alignment tabs to the fuselage. The IP has a purple tinge to it but it’s all supposed to be RLM66 which is a deep grey. Since this is OOB I mixed my 66 with PRU blue and got a decent match yet still maintaining the grey base color. I have not build a prop plane, let alone a German fighter in a long time (1 Corsair in the last 20 yrs) so I know nothing about these planes except that there seems to be a really strong following of these German fighters. Please don’t judge me on my ability to replicate these aircraft Ive left the seat out. I’m going to build it toward the end so it’s easier to cover up the cockpit for painting. I also noted the gun sight should be kept off till putting the halves together. I’d have broken it off a half dozen times already if it was on there.
  4. If I was looking at doing a BoB mk1 Hurricane with no real subject knowledge, which kit would you recommend: PCM or the Fly kit?. Steve.
  5. I've had the idea to do this conversion ever since Alleycat released their PR XI conversion a few years ago. I figured with the overall PRU blue, it would fit nicely in with this GB. The PCM kit is a great starting point as you're basically building it unarmed. The contents are typical short run but nothing unexpected. The Alleycat conversion set:
  6. I figure since I'm looking after this Group Build, I should really contribute. I'd forgotten that I had this kit, I bought it along time ago with the best intentions of building it, but quickly realised that it was probably beyond my skill level at the time, so I put it back in the box after cutting two pieces off their casting blocks. The '202 is listed as being flown by Brown, probably when he was dispatched to Southern Italy in 1943. Several fell into British/Commonwealth and American hands during the war, as well as being used by the Germans, Croatians and the ANR. The Swiss ordered some, however they were not delivered. Survivors were used until 1948 as trainers in the reconstructed Italian Air Force and multiple examples were rebuilt to Macchi 205's and sold to Egypt, where they saw heavy fighting against Israel. You can tell rebuilt 202's as 205's, as they retained their fixed tail wheel. The Egyptian aircraft that were not shot down by the IAF were retired in 1951. Today, there are only 2 survivors. I've not decided on a colour scheme yet and it might take a few weeks for me to make a start as I've got other kits I need to finish.
  7. Hi all, Taking a break from my Me410 build which is a pretty tedious and long build, I felt I needed to build something quick and easy to keep the spirit high. I choose the PCM Fw190 as my subject. Turned out it was not a quick and easy build. Should have read the forums before starting... Anyway, the model turned out ok-ish. Again made some stupid errors. I forgot a few parts in the landing gear bay. This wan't fixible and in the end I opted to build the model in flight. This led to anther 'problem', a pilot. As the fuselage was already buttoned up it was no easy task to add a pilot. In the end I felt like a surgeon, but the poor guy made it and is happy flying ;-). As the build wen't along I tried some new techniques and paint. Rescribing panel lines (thanks for all the tips), Maketar paint masks for the insignia and the absolutely fantastic Mr.paint series. This techniques will proof invaluable for my Me410 build. Better make the mistakes on this build then on a €200 + kit! I will build another A3 from Zoukei Mura when it will be available in the future. I think it's such an awesome looking figther, build just for that purpose! Without further due, here are the pictures, hope you enjoy. Cheers, Wouter
  8. Finally Just finished the 1/32 PCM Tempest...not going to do that again! That was a tough kit. All the parts were close but just enough wrong to make it a build. Yea...yea...yea...I know you are supposed to build these things and I am whining about doing some work... The resin doesn't fit, the cockpit isn't even close, the photo etch it too big, the gear needs help...waa, waa, waa. Shelf fodder.....
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