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Found 22 results

  1. I will be picking up the kit box in an hour. Hopefully all parts will still be intact when I get it. I expect to be spending a fair amount of time looking over the parts and doing my best to smoothen them out in various ways, given the 3d-printed nature of this resin build with obviously uneven surfaces here and there. It was tempting to maybe try use metal foil on the model parts, but I sort of don't think I can make the model smooth enough, but I have yet to look at the parts myself, only having other people's photos on this subject matter. Hopefully I can get most the parts smooth enought to get to airbrush on metallic colors. I wrote "slow build" in the title, as I have some other builds going on as well, but I typically start working on new kits as I get them to evaluate them for myself and just try get things going. Paint scheme for this build (ideally): metalic paint (Vallejo metalic range of paints) Other remarks: I finally fixed my leaking air compressor, and so it turns out I had just a faulty air hose all along for the last few years occasionally using the compressor. The crack in the nice looking braided hose grew larger and larger by time, I couldn't find the source of the leak and it was all mysterious to me. How could the nice looking braided air hose fail me? Obviosuly the rubber part inside started to crack at some point, I had no idea. I found the leak by adding soap bubbles/soapy water around the compressor. Also in other news, I also finally think I figured out how to best airbrush on Vallejo primer paint. I typically dilute the Vallejo primer with thinner (for no good reason), however I always had issue with the paint drying inside my airbrush, presumably because having added thinner. Vallejo 'flow enhancer' acts as a retarder, and I should rely on a little of that instead of thinner I think, Also, in other news, for the first time I fully cleaned my airbrush, including bits of paint stuck in the needle canal, possibly contributing to the airbrush acting up from time to time, with reduced paint flow as if something was blocking the flow somewhere around the nozzle (unsure).
  2. …FLY 1/32 SAAB J29 TUNNAN It’s one of the most anticipated kits for many modellers, I for one. But since its release last February, I’ve never heard anything about it except for an introductory post from @Kriss. No review, no build-up, no nothing on the internet. Does anybody know ? Cheers, Quang
  3. Hi, Gladiator from ICM is a very enjoyable adventure. Fast to bulid, with nice engine. ICM was in road to top of plastic manufacturers, unfortunately because of Russian aggresion they halted production. I added Aires seat with seatbelts, and PE. I have strenghten horizontal stabilizers and skids with needle/paperclip.
  4. I have to brag because I still have a brand new 1:32 scale SAAB J 29 B "Tunnan" from FLY 32023. FLY has released "Tunnan" in B and F versions and I managed to get both of them and both will be shown here. For this model FLY has also released masks to paint cabins (artm32011) and wheels (artm32014) which I also have. This is a quick in-box of the kit. I will do rest of in-boox pictures as soon as I have some time.
  5. I have to brag because I have still new from FLY 32022 - SAAB J 29 F "Tunnan" in 1:32 scale. FLY has released "Tunnan" in B and F versions and I managed to get both of them and both will be shown here. For this model FLY has also released masks to paint cabins (artm32011) and wheels (artm32014) which I also have. This is a quick in-box of the kit. I will do rest of in-boox pictures as soon as I have some time.
  6. First, a quote from Flying Fever by AVM S F Vincent (Jarrolds, 1972), which is an excellent read, although alas long out of print. "[The date is early 1917. Major Robert] Smith-Barry, my previous CO in No 60 Squadron, had left almost in disgrace, because he had complained so much and so frequently about the abysmal state of training of the pilots sent out [to France] to fight. Eventually the War Office took note and said, in effect, 'If you think you can do any better, come home and do so.' He was given the training squadrons at Gosport which were formed experimentally into the School of Special Flying ...". History records that Smith-Barry eventually developed a system of flying training which is still in use world-wide today. The SSF had a number of aeroplanes on its strength, including some Sopwith Pups. One of these was B2192, and markings for this machine are in the "Gnome" boxing of the WNW Pup. As I missed out on the original issues of the Pup, I was pleased to be able to add this to my collection. The scheme chose itself, not least because in the mid-1980s I worked in an office block built on part of the old Gosport airfield; the hangars were very visible from one side of the building. I don't often do WIPs because I forget to take photos as I go along, but I hope to do better with this. So here we go, with a boxtop shot. And the rather striking scheme I'll be doing: CDL underneath, white on top, all covered with black stripes. Whilst WNW provide decals for the fuselage stripes, I'll be attempting to paint them, along with the wing roundels. I'd do the fuselage roundels as well, but my circle cutter does not allow a small enough radius of cut. Wish me luck!! That's the first Pup: the second, to go with it, is in the arms of "Henry"; the plan is to put him on the base with the completed model. I think the dog is just about small enough to qualify as a pup. I've already opened the box and completely ruined the value of the kit by removing the wings and fuselage halves from the sprue, so here we go, watch this space.
  7. On 1 September is 80 Anniversary of WWII start - Germany invaded Poland. My plane is E-3 from that period ,with character from Max und Moritz fairytale on engine cover. I added: - Yahu IP - Resin seat from Quickboost, - Profipack etch - resin exhausts - some other corrections. Now i'm waiting for IBG PZL P.11C to have both sides main fighter planes.
  8. Coming sometime in the future to a magazine (hence only one photo - sorry, no more or I'll be in trouble with the Editor), here's my rendition of the Italeri two-seat Starfighter. The subject was an aircraft of 31 (Tiger) Sqn, Belgian AF, 1983. The tip tanks were used for the 1983 NATO Tiger meet, just before Belgium finally retired the F-104. Decals by DACO, intake covers & chocks by Video Aviation, pitot by Master, and RBF tags by HGW. Thanks for looking.
  9. Started on the 9th of December... Every year I try to do a 'clear the bench' build over Christmas, this year it was this one: Not sure why folks seem to shy-away from the Trumpy 109E kits almost all the completed ones that I have seen here are from the Eduard and Dragon kits. Ahh well... I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this one. Perfect fit everywhere, lots of detail, excellent etch, decals and phenomenal clear parts. (not so excellent rubber tyres tho'). For a change I broke-out my enamels for the 74/75/76/04 colours, all of which I mixed using my preferred Mk.I eyeball method. Highly recommend this to anyone contemplating a 1:32 build and perhaps a wee bit put-off by the excessive parts-count and cost of some of the 'uber kits' around just now - I got this off a well-known on-line auction site from a Chinese based seller for just £16.50 !!!!! (that's as good as giving it away) even down here to NZ the postage was just ten-quid. So here t'is all done only addition is the kit specific Eduard Zoom set which includes the harness too; And I have to admit that I'm very pleased with it. Please feel free to hurl any criticism, ask any questions or make any comment at all. Thanks for taking the time to look and Happy 2019 to all here. Ian.
  10. New Chaika from ICM, nice kit, fast to build. I made conversion to early type - with spinner similar to I-16 or I-15 Bis. I think that it is prettier than late - but it is only my opinion. It looks like a cartoon plane, from Mickey Mouse comic book . List of additions and modifications: - new spinner - new exhaust tube on fuselage, smaller exhausts on engine cover made from solder - some cables in cockpit and engine - rigging from fishing line - hollowed air inlet - tubes from syringe needle pushed into gun outlets on engine covers - masks used for red 8 number WIP: https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=75355&hl= Boys from same family
  11. Special Hobby Fiat in finnish markings. This paintwork required some work on tail. Unfortunately higher vertical fin isn't supplied in the box so i needed to scratch it. I made some corrections and adjustments to match finnish planes: - pilot seat is moved backwards - guns have metal tubes made from syringe needle - shelf between IP top and bottom is added I used these additions: - Yahu IP - Techmod hakaristi decals - Montex masks (plane number) Surface is riveted and wheels are weighted. I can really recommend this kit to everyone who likes Italian planes - it's simple, and construction goes without any big problems. Photos from the bench:
  12. Good afternoon, colleagues! I have one question. Now I'm working on the Hawker Tempest Mk.V, Special Hobby Now the model looks like this The coloring option will be "out of the box" - Hawker Tempest Mk.V, JN862/JF-Z, No.3 Sqn. RAF, August 1944. And I can not understand what guns were in this instance - an early sample with fairings, or later? Such as this aircraft http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=64219 Or such as this? http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=72794
  13. Hi, Dora is finished, not as pleasant kit as I expected, but still decent piece of plastic. Side inscription means: "Sell my clothes I'm going to heaven!". List of modifications: - pilot seat - added seatbelts and Yahu IP - modified gunsight - Quickboost exhausts - Eduard Bronze legs from Revell F-8 - gun barrels / pitot tube / bottom antenna from syringe needles - pilot motto - shortened tail wheel - wings crosses from Montex Masks WIP: http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=74576
  14. "How a husband fades when his wife appears." Curt Goetz Hello friends, she means well to me - and I got the Revell Bristol Beaufighter Mk. IF from Revell by my beloved honey as a unexpected present. Prioritseing everything new... So I decided without hesitation to surf through the www and I really found a nice colour scheme reducing the giant size of the kit a bit I hope: its copied from the backsite of a 1/144 kit: What are your tips, hints and tricks for her? I've never dealt with the "doubleB" I played a bit with MSpaint - so it possible to do something like this to the kit? Updating to Mk V with a quadrogun turret - but keeping the engines rotray? - they look so nice Or giving the viewer a bigger opening looking into the kit? Or can I add a torpedo and a gunner opening to the Mk.IF, too? To the camouflage scheme: I found this Picture of a Czech Lib LV343 at Beaulieu in July-43 with this nice "waves" between grey/green and white - is this allowed to add to a B²? I saw a Wellington Mk.VIII in later Coastal Command colours, showing the ASV Mk.II radar antennas on the side and top of the rear fuselage. And I like this - but have there been some addid into a B² ?? This because I am not shure if I want to built a "Torpedo Attacker" or some "Electronic Warefare" - both are so intresting - the colouring of the tin-fish on the one hand and the intesting look of the antannas.
  15. First one in 2018. Trumpeters F6F is like a Garfield - too many lasagnas caused thickness . To hide it i opened canopy. I used: - Montex masks for stars - Eduard Interior - Techmod decals for cat mouth - added cables and other small things. My machine:
  16. Hello folks Been a long time since I asked for folks ideas here, but because I'm planning-on building the Tamiya 1:32 Mustang (and the implied ‘cost' of this kit), I thought it may be a good idea to get some thoughts before I start hacking away at it. I'm going to build Bill Dunhams' ‘Mrs. Bonnie' as it was right at the end of the war in summer 1945. The aircraft is a P-51K-10 it's quite well known as it was featured in some publicity photos in August or September. As you can see, despite it being a Dallas-built ‘K' it has the cuffed Hamilton props and spinner – the blade profile and decals give-it-away – also the whole of the spinner is painted red/yellow/blue & black (front to rear). This is fine as the kit I'm using is the initial Tamiya release, 60322 (which also has the ‘Dallas' canopy in the box too). Now here's the part where I need your insight & thoughts – Tamiya in their paint & decal instructions show ‘Mrs Bonnie' with the ‘correct' Aeroproducts spinner & blades but also would have you paint the spinner back-plate NMF, the colours being the same but compressed. Has anyone got a photo that confirms the Tamiya instructions – just being curious, I'm one of those folks who likes to have as much info as possible… Thanks in advance folks, over to you. Ian. ps Special thanks to Ben (PCBEN80) for supplying the decals all the way from the USA to 'Middle Earth', really appreciate it, matey !!
  17. Hi, I'm building Tamiya's classic in Pacific outfit. I've added polish Yahu instrument panel, HGW seatbelts, some Eduard Photoetch, my own wires and i will use Kagero decals.
  18. I've been after the Lantirn for my Revell F-14B since the day the kit landed in the mailbox. At first my only option appeared to be the Flightpath (?) set incl. the Lantirn pod. Or I could beg the Lantirn from s/one's F-15 kit. Then I did a Goo-goo search for stuff in 1/32 and up pops an Evilbay OOP Teknics AN/AAQ. Score. What is/was the general opinion of this particular piece of kit? I'm aware that Teknics were/are still one of the big-hitters for resin. Anyhoos, I managed to scare off another bidder and snaffled it for $40 (US$35) shipped. I was all ready to let it go if a snipe bid cut me off, since Dr Pepper Resin also has the AN/AAQ pod as a standalone. It's cheaper AND has own decals. I was simply chuffed winning the Teknics version, since OOP stocks normally go for silly prices. I can print my own decals anyhoos. Thanks for any comments/opinions. Regards
  19. Good evenin' folks, from Middle Earth. My first thread here in over two years - it was supposed to be my Kittyhawk OV-10A, however I'm waiting on some EZ Line getting here (I'm ruthlessly copying Brian's idea on mine), and this 109 has been waiting patiently for three-and-a-half years for me to finally notice it, so this afternoon I started hacking at it: Hopefully at the end of the process it will look a little like this... hopefully !! In the meantime, I put the block together to a point where it's ready for a splash of paint and started filling/sanding the myriad of sink holes in the cowl covers. Couldn't resist taping together, just because... The moulding are superbly detailed and the rivets/panel lines very delicate indeed. Also they match exactly the drawings in the old but still good IMHO AeroDetail book from Bunrin-Do, published in the mid 1980's. Stay tuned, folks, I don't think this one will take-up too much time on the bench... or I could be completely wrong and still be working on it in eighteen months time !! AFN Ian.
  20. Hi all, I'm beginning this thread to spur me into action in the proper scale again. Although I've got a couple of larger scale projects on the back burner my most recent modelling has been in other scales. I have many of you to thank for this sudden re-kindling of desire. As we all know, there are a multitude of threads here on LSP that make the mouth water and can't help but inspire the viewer. I'm obviously not immune because I've felt compelled to begin a new project only days after completeing my last model. The creative juices are flowing and I've dilligently saved as many threads as I could to my favourites so that I can refer to them for ideas and techniques. My plan for this build is still rather fluid and I'm fluctuating between a war weary bird or a show bird depending on who's thread I've just been looking at. Most recently I've been inspired by Chuck Sawyer and his P-38 show bird so at this point in time I'm swaying towards a restored Spitfire with a smidge of weathering plus a pilot on board. Next time I look at Warbird's Spitfire build I'll probably revert back to building a war horse again. There are a couple of parameters that I'm set on though. I will definitely be doing some modifications to the Revell kit and it will definitely have a pilot on board. Some of the detail on the Revell model does n't sit well with me personally so I'll be attempting to get the thing to look more the way I want it plus, the addition of a pilot figure is a way of reducing the amount of detail I'll need to add inside the cockpit. So, that's where I'm at. A statement of intent so to speak. I'll probably be calling on you guys for alot of help and advice so I hope you'll keep popping in to keep me on the straight and narrow. Bye for now.
  21. Hi all, Firstly - apologies for not being about much recently - busy with D-Day 70 event/flying exped to Peenemunde/RIAT - followed by the death of one of my flying buddies in a motorcycle accident last Monday. So basically gone from some brilliant experiences - but no time for modelling, to bad week and really not in the mood. To try and break that and put mind on something more positive - I'm going to finally make a start on the new Spit. As one of the many things Tony did in his life was to take the controls of a two seat Spit this one's for you mate! OK - before I wade in - I won't pretend this is in any way definitive - it will include some mods I'll make following reference to photos/drawings/published dimensions/other kits - but my aim is to make a nice looking Spitfire - something I think easily achievable with this kit. What's more - it cost me the princely sum of £18 and I'd hate to waste it! For anyone that followed my He219 build I'd like to keep this thread on a similar - and positive - note throughout. Please chip in if you spot anything - and feel free to throw in discussion points. I really enjoyed building the UHU - and learned a huge amount in the process - but it was very much down to all the help I had from you lot!! EDIT - as I type this I've got two Spits overhead - quite auspicious! So - before I start... Kit fuselage: Top Hasegawa, middle new Revell, bottom Tamiya: Kit with Hasegawa Vb/Revell Hasegawa IIa fuselage (note difference in length from firewall (almost line-up perfectly - to front of cowl - don't ask which is right just yet): Hasegawa Vb/Revell Hasegawa IIa and Tamiya fuselage: Tamiya and Revell IIa fuselage: Comparison has already been made between the Tamiya kit and the new Revell one in Jen's excellent post - nothing further to add. Interesting to note that the nose is quite a lot longer than the Hasegawa Vb - more investigation needed - but otherwise it matches quite closely in profile - if not cross section. Back in a mo... Iain
  22. Here's my Ar 196 finally completed. You may recall the WIP thread here. http://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?showtopic=53170&hl= I finished the acual aircraft a little while ago, and then set abut looking for a base. I found a picture frame minus its glass in the "reduced" section of one of our local DIY stores, and used a product from Woodland Scenics called "Realistic Water". This takes time as if you pour anything other than a thin layer at a time it takes forever to dry! I've also yet to work out how to make realistic waves, so I opted for a flat calm day in Odessa! Why Odessa? It's where the actual subject may have been based - had it actually entered service - with Escadrila 102 of the Royal Romanian Air Force. In fact, Romania ordered 50 of these, but most were still in their delivery crates by the time Romania changed sides; however, I do like the scheme, as it may have looked. Kit by Revell, decals by Kora, seat belts by HGW and float rigging with EZ Line, all in 1:32 scale. Thanks for looking, feedback welcome, and Happy New Year.
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