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  1. Is the Hobby Boss 1/32nd Scale Spitfire Mk.Vb the old Hasegawa kit?
  2. Awesome, awesome, awesome!
  3. Does anyone know wher I can get a set of decals for Rall's G-6? I am planning on building the Revell kit.
  4. INCREDIBLE!!!! Having nowhere near the skill you are demonstrating, can you tell me how you made the connectors for all of the plumbing parts.
  5. Does anyone make the markings for Gentile's Mk.v?
  6. Are you using anything in the cockpit for enhancement? I read somewhere where a builder used the Aires cockpit kit designed for the Hasegawa kit.
  7. I am about to start the Hobby Boss 1/32 Spitfire Mk.V and I know there are some inherent problems which I need to correct. My question is - Does anyone make a replacement (aftermarket) set for the spinner and prop?
  8. Just received mine today from Hong Kong...almost fell out of the chair when I opened it and saw all the detail contained. This was worth waiting for!
  9. I am planning on building a Bf109E-4 sometime in the near future and was wondering what the experts consider to be the best kit?
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