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  1. Thank you guys for your nice comments ! The second lockdown hereby should allow me to finish the Tomcat in a couple of weeks. I’ll post pics asap.
  2. Very nice! Interesting to see a different paintwork, that gives such a different result! Don't know how you felt about decals, I was personnally a bit disappointed in terms of quality and thickness. I expected more from aftermarket products..
  3. Nice looking 2000N! Ladders and Galet helmets are awesome..
  4. Thanks for the replies! The Tomcat is on the bench.. Now I'm aware that building a Trumpeter kit is a tough process..
  5. Hello all, New on the forum, glad to share my latest finished model from Academy with only a few extras (resin cockpit and WB, decals). Being a fan of the Tomcat and beginner with airbrush, this kit was dedicated to train myself about US Navy jet painting before I go ahead with an F-14.. Hope you like it, ready for any comments!
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