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  1. Hello But no, I'm sticking to the course .... the editing is soon finished and the best is finally coming with the painting.
  2. Hi Thank you very much for your comments. The MIG-17 is still moving slowly but I had a lot of work on it. The following in pictures. A few small occasions to do that appear better in the photo but it is progressing. It should subside with the paint anyway a bit. To begin with, I finally succeeded in drawing the riveting of a wing, tomorrow I will attack the second but the drawing takes a long time. On the other hand, we feel the old age of the kit and the beginnings of Trumpeter. The adjustme
  3. Hi I present to you the start of the assembly of my first plane at 1/32. No more getting used to building Russian equipment at 1/35, I am happy with this photo montage. Be forgiving this is my first plane in at least 30 years. As I like to work on photos, I started from this one, representing a Mig-17 F taking the sun at Bamako airport. The idea is to make the Mig-17 first and then the Mig-21 Bis behind on the same diorama. At the moment I'm stuck because I can't find a conversion to convert a Mig-21 MF to a bis. I mi
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